Chitral Border Police issue resolved


ISLAMABAD, Feb 28: MNA Iftikhar Uddin here on Friday said he had got the Chitral Border Police issue resolved and from now onward they would be dealt at par with other paramilitary forces in the province.

The breakthrough in resolving the issue was made at a meeting held with Minister Saffron Lt-Gen (retired) Abdul Qadir Baloch and Secretary Saffron Mr. Tariq Hayat on 27th and 28th February 2014 in Standing Committee of National Assembly in which representatives of Border Guards from Chitral also participated.

It must be noted that more than 300 Border Guards were affected by the impasse over the dispute that was pending in the courts. On 28th February, the dispute was amicably resolved in which MNA Chitral played a leading role in convincing both the minister and the secretary Saffron who announced the decision.

Additional Home Secretary KPK Khalid Abbas was also present. A clear cut policy was spelled out details of which shall be intimated at an appropriate time that shall address all anomalies by the competent authority. The dispute concerned post and rank. There was lack of policy to regulate hiring, transfer and promotions in the Border Police.

But with the latest decision, Chitral Border Police will also be governed by a set policy applicable to all the border police in the province.

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