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Cricket tournament inaugurated in Drosh

DROSH, Feb 26: Deputy Commissioner Chitral M. Shoaib Jadoon along with Assistant Commissioner Basharat Hussain visited the THQ hospital and the Shishi hydropower station on Wednesday.

The deputy commissioner was briefed about the working of the hospital. He promised that an eye specialist and a child specialist would be performing duties in the hospital two days a week. The DC also visited different wards of the hospital.

Later, he visited the Shishi powerhouse during which local PTI leader Sultan Muhammad also reached there along with party workers.

The PTI leader complained about the slow pace of works on the upgradation of the powerhouse from where electricity is provided to the Drosh town.

On this occasion, the engineer appointed at the dam by the contractor was not present there and there was no one to brief the DC about the powerhouse.

Earlier, the deputy commissioner inaugurated a cricket tournament at the Osiak cricket ground. The Kohistan Cricket Club Arandu won the inaugural match by defeating the Ashiret team.—Jahan Zeb

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