Slain psycho-therapist's father issues notice to AKHS

CHITRAL, Feb 25: The father of the woman psycho-therapist who was killed in the Aga Khan Health Service (AKHS) Chitral office on Aug 26, 2013, by one of her patients has served a legal notice on the officials of the AKHS demanding Rs20 million. In the notice issued to the chief executive officer and the general manager of the AKHS, Mehmood Esa said his daughter Farhana Mehmood was shot dead by the patient inside the AKHS office due to the negligence of the AKHS. Waqas Ahmed, the lawyer for Mr Mehmood, in the notice warned that he would also be filing an application for the registration of a criminal case against the AKHS authorities for their negligence, saying in the past too many incidents had occurred in the office due to poor security. A mentally disturbed young man from the Garam Chashma valley, who had been undergoing at the AKHS, shot dead Ms Farhana and then killed himself on the premises of the office on Aug 26, 2013.–Nazir Hussain For details about this case, click here]]>

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