99pc people of Chitral love peace, commissioner told

CHITRAL, Feb 24: A delegation of the Ismaili Muslims here on Sunday informed Commissioner Malakand Division Qasim Jan that the Sunnis and Ismailis of Chitral have lived in peace and harmony for centuries. SONY DSCDuring a meeting with the commissioner at the Governor Cottage, the Ismaili delegation said the people of Chitral, both Ismailis and the Sunnis, have very positive thinking about each other and this was evident from the fact that Chitral was the only district in the Malakand division which was not affected by the rising militancy and Talibanization in the region. The Ismaili delegation included Ismaili Council Lower Chitral president Muhammad Afzal, Upper Chitral president Abdul Ghaffar, Sultan Mehmood, Samad Gul, Zufran Shah, Nizar Ali Shah, Mir Zaman, advocates Shahabuddin, Sahib Nadir Khan, Siraj Ali Khan and Muhammad Karam. Speaking on behalf of the delegation, Sultan Mehmood highlighted the services of the Ismailis right from the Pakistan Movement when the 48th Imam Aga Khan III led the All Pakistan Muslim League from 1906 to 1913 and his contribution in the Aligarh Movement. He said since independence in 1947, the Ismailis have been playing a key role in the development of the country. The most important thing is that the current spiritual leader of the Ismailis, Prince Karim Aga Khan, has not only been emphasizing socio-economic development of the marginalized communities in the backward areas irrespective of their sectarian affiliations but also been guiding the Ismaili community to live in peace even with non-Muslims.

Over 99 per cent of people in Chitral are peaceful and have a very positive thinking of each other and that is the reason there has never been any major conflict among the local communities, Sultan Mehmood.
But he regretted that despite such a contribution to the making and building of the country, the Ismailis were being threatened by a handful of terror elements in the name of Islam and there identity as a key Muslim community was at danger. During the meeting, some of the participants said the government should keep a vigil eye on a handful of elements who often tried to spoil the exemplary peace of the area. In this regard, they specially stressed the monitoring of FM-97 radio channel which was sometimes airing programmes that could stoke sectarian tension in the area. They gave the example of Taliban in Swat where the militants also launched their activities through an FM radio channel. The participants said sometimes the FM channel in Chitral aired programmes during which sectarian-related objectionable questions were raised and deliberately highlighted. On the request of the delegation, the commissioner said the police directions issued to individual community leaders to install CCTV cameras in their residences and offices would be withdrawn as it would not be possible for them to arrange the equipment. The delegation said such a directive could lead to unnecessary panic and tension among the community in the valley. They also said that any security measure for their security should be taken and finalized after taking the community leaders on board. The delegation thanked the commissioner for visiting the district. Speaking on the occasion, the commissioner said he Ismailis were the most peaceful among the Muslims and their contribution in the creation of Pakistan and then its development was recognized by everyone. He said that the government was duty bound to provide security to the citizens irrespective of their political and religious affiliations. He added that an unnecessary hype had been created in the area on the basis of an outdated video.]]>

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  1. No Kashi no. We will fight back and defeat the criminals, we will never surrender to the handful of thugs. At the end, the victory will be of the rightful and the evil has to flee.

  2. We also need to keep a vigil look at our neighborhoods and villages for people who have nefarious designs and report those things to the concerned officials. In my personal opinion, the one percent people are not capable of doing any harm until and unless the unity of the 99 percent is breached. We should all stay united in our cause of keeping Chitral peaceful. If the FM radio station, which the Ismaili leaders have pointed out, is propagating sectarianism it should be stopped immediately. The sectarian issue of Chitral largely depends upon the security situation of Chitral town area which is the main urban area of the district. The administration has to look into the ways of checking those elements within the Chitral town area who have the power of inciting hatred towards each other. Both the communities whether Sunnis or Ismailis have good number of hatemongers but rest of the people are relatively peaceful and both need to control the identify the negative elements.
    Both the communities are capable of resolving their issues at home as they have been living together for centuries. People should talk to each other rather than looking to Corps Commander or Commissioner.

  3. Dear editor, after the release of the video by Taliban regarding to Ismailis and kalash, there is no Ismaili and Kalash safe in Chitral. Therefore, through your E-paper I would like to request the authority of the Ismaili Council for Pakistan to play its role to shift the Ismailis of Chitral to Canada or France. The president of the National Council for Pakistan should convey the message to the HH Aga Khan. we hope that the Ismaili Council for Pakistan would take this issue seriously.
    Kashi (Islamabad).

    1. Kashi, it is not only Ismailis or others rather the very foundation of our society is in danger. Along with Ismailis, communities of other interpretations as well as ethnic groups are also threatened by Taliban. Instead of fleeing to Canada or France, we should build our country. This is our country, the first president of All India Muslim League was Aga Khan III while Jinnah himself belonged to an Ismaili family, the why should we leave it when it is in difficult conditions.
      Aga Khan IV has been emphasizing on education, tolerance and pluralism for the last 57 years. The current situation in the Muslim world demonstrated that one cannot progress without modern education, while a multi-cultural society direly needs to follow the principles of tolerance and pluralism to be peaceful one and to be respected globally.

  4. I fully agree with Mr. Nadir Khan that the problem is with the one percent. It is the case with the whole country. There are terrorists in Chitral as well but they do not come to the surface because they are afraid of the peaceful majority. However, their indoor conspiracy and sectarian propagation through FM Radio cannot be overlooked. The district administration of Chitral and the DPO have to be vigilant.The active supporters of Taliban must be kept under close surveillance.

  5. Deh dehi tan muji majlis kori shahri difa’ o tanzim tartib dyor. He tanzim qudrati àfàtan sum dis dik ochen beruni anàsiran sora nazar lakhika hajata goni. Kya di qesma fauj ya kamishneran tan royan ghona hajata no goi. Hanisen di wakht sher.

  6. Yes people of Chitral want peace as the whole people of Pakistan want peace but the problem is always with the 1 per cent or so bigots and forces of darkness who kill human beings for their own lust for power. The Swat Taliban almost took the control of the valley beginning with their FM radio in which the Mulla Radio even asked women to revolt against their husbands and sell their jewellery for jihad. But you have not mentioned this Chitrali mulla radio. I have report that the FM 97 radio channel is working from a building close to the DCO office. If timely action is not taken against this Mulla Chitral radio, our rhetoric of peaceful Chitralis will be laid bare in the whole world.

  7. Everybody on this earth has the right to live his own life, those are near to Allah who give love to others, remain in peace don’t fight

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