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I am ready to die for Musharraf

CHITRAL, Feb 21: Most of the people of Chitral continue admiring former president Pervez Musharraf not only for launching mega projects such as the Lowari Tunnel but also for cherishing their values and patriotism.

In admiring and supporting the former president at a time when most of the country is after him, women of Chitral are also not behind and Shahida Sahar is one of them. A human rights activist and social worker of Chitral, Shahida Sahar says that the people of Chitral never forget their benefactors. She says that the Lowari tunnel project was initiated by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and completed by Musharraf, so both are taken in high esteem by the people of Chitral. Had Musharraf not been banned from taking part in elections, he would have scored 100 per cent votes on May 11, 2013, she says.  

Musharraf is our benefactor and people of Chitral are ready to render any type of sacrifice for him. I myself am ready to sacrifice my life for Musharraf.

Shahida Sahar also prayed for the acquittal of Musharraf in all the cases so that he may become the president of Pakistan once again. She said it was the misfortune of the people of Chitral that Musharraf could not take part in the elections otherwise the condition of Chitral would have been changed. Reporter:  GH Farooqui 

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  1. Abul Fateen says

    Agar hm mahaz Chitral ka nara sa bahir aa ka Pakistan ka sochian to shayad bahtar hoga.. Chitral Chitral. Chitral Pakistan ka aik district ha or hm pakistani hn .. Jahan tak Musharaf ka talq ha woh aik fuji tha fauj ka zoor sa hokumat pa aya us ka time khatam ho gya so khatam ho gaya .. Ab siasiat ma uska koyee role talash krna bawaqufi ha.. Chitral kalia Lawari tunnel bana ka us na bohot achaa kaam kia magar hamain ya b nahee bhulna chaiah ka un he plolicion ke waja sa jitna civil , fauji jawan or aam public suicide bombing ka nishana bana hn shayad woh uske khidmaat sa bohot ziada hn….

  2. Saif says

    in my opinion i would simply say that yes musharaf did alot for chitral but he dreadful truth is he totally change our traditional long foreign policy with Afghanistan on just one call from US.due to this we have been entangled in so called war againts iwas due to musharaf that today our national security is on risk.

  3. Avecu Javaid Chitral says

    Recently a learned writer had pointed out in a section of online press the degree exaggeration rampant in Chitral. Analyzing the volumes of sentiments galore expressed in Chitral in favor of Pervez Musharraf, the ex-military general-turned- president, it is evident that the majority of us have been just exaggerating in our lavishness and sympathies with Musharraf as we have hardly seen any practical show of loyalty in terms of a major public agitation since the election. People of Chitral entrusted his party candidates in the election which was milder or somewhat more safe way of siding with Musharraf but ever since the election even the two stalwarts of his party have shifted their sympathies and merged themselves with his opponents. They did nothing to voice their slightest concerns over the trial of their benefactor who was solely responsible for their victory in the general election in Chitral. In a Chitrali paradigm probably using loftier words are probably akin to just hollow slogans and slightest whims and whispers of emotions sans actions!

  4. Dr. Ueno was a professor at the University of Tokyo, Japan. One fine day in January 1924, he brought home a small dog, named Hachiko. Dr. Ueno loved his dog very much. Every morning the professor would take Hachiko to the Shibuya train station, and after saying goodbye to him (dog) would head to university. Every evening, Hachiko would come to the station to receive his caring master.
    Everything was going well until May 21, 1925. In that morning, Professor Ueno left Hachiko at the station. In the evening Hachiko went to the station, but his master was nowhere to be found. Actually, Dr. Ueno had died from stroke during the day. This is not the end, dear readers, but the start of the story!
    For the next nine years, every evening Hachiko would go to the station hoping to meet his master and every day he was disappointed. Days passed and then the years but the loyalty of Hachiko never faded away till his death in 1935!
    There is a statue of Hachiko in front of the Shibuya station. Hachiko’s remains are preserved at the National Science Museum of Japan and one of the cemetery’s most famous monument is that of the dutiful Hachiko in Tokyo. The station has turned to a famous meeting place. Every year, on April 8, Hachiko’s devotion is remembered in a solemn ceremony.
    Moral: even a pet knew to be loyal to his benefactor. So how can we, as a human being, be thankless to a person who has been good to us when he was the strongest man in power; and more importantly he is in trouble now. After all, a friend in need is a friend indeed. Also, “Man Lum Yashkurunnasa, Lum Yashkurullah”.
    PS: personally, I abhor the idea of dictatorial rule in any form and strongly believe in a progressive democratic government. Yes, self-contradiction it may seems, but given the context of Chitral, it can be debated in a different time around.

    1. Shahpar Ali says

      The mere idea that he was good or he did something great for Chitral is flawed. Can you come up with three major projects in his long nine-year rule for Chitral which Chitral largely benefited from.

      1. M. Wali, Mastuj says

        Ok here is what you want, dear Shahpar Ali.
        One: Lowari tunnel which even the coming generations will benefit from.
        Two: billions of rupees taken as loans by poor Chitrali farmers and unemployed people were waived by Musharraf
        Three: Construction of roads, widening of Shandur road and the construction of RCC bridge in front of Mastuj.
        But I am sure that you will now say that tell me any other projects apart from these. But no problem, I can come up with more until you accept the truth.

        1. Shahpar Ali says

          I agree with the Lawari Tunnel.
          The billions of rupees loans waiver is something new for me. Do u have any document to prove it.
          Which road, I haven’t seen any new road construction or black topping in Musharraf Era. The Chitral-Booni road is as broken as it was before him and the Booni-Shandur road is the same as it was before. No Black topping etc. RCC Bridge of Mastuj started in 2007 and complete in 2011, Musharraf had nothing to do with it.
          Even if he does, do u think these are some great things for Chitral. I salute your ignorance. Universities, Colleges, Income generation, Electricity, Clean drinking water, hospitals, these and roads. These are our basic problems. 9 years of dictatorial government where he was the king and what he did for Chitral?

          1. M. Wali, Mastuj says

            I knew you will never accept the reality and also your own ignorance. I told you that Musharraf built the Lowari tunnel but you asked what else he did and also challenged me to provide you with three things which eh did for us. I gave the three things but now you say I should provide you with documentary proof of that. You also say that Musharraf did not open any college or new university in Chitral so he should be condemned. What an argument?
            Even you do not accept that Mastuj bridge was built by Musharraf and almost completed during his tenure but then left incomplete after his departure. You say that Mastuj-Booni road is broken. We also say that all the broads and bridges are broken because after PM’s departure in 2008 nothing was done and the money was eaten by corrupt politicians and contractors.
            And about the loans, is it possible you have never heard of any. Strange are the ways. Ask any farmer in your village AND he will give the details of how much he took from banks and how much he returned. Even loans taken from private banks like micro finance were waived and paid by PM government. If you ask any farmer, his accounts will be a good proof more authentic than any bank document.
            In the end, you did not provide me the three things any prime minister or president except PM did for Chitral.

  5. Obaid Ullah says

    Ispa haya kaiyot darkhast sher ki.. Tan sheerin zhano ee Ameriko agento bachain khyot doyan. Hes tan zhano chitrara kya jam korum kori koko boi. Musharaf ee zalim hukumran oshoi, fauji taqat tosum shika pat ameriko sar madad ganav, Pakistano tabah arer wa pak faujo di kamzor arer.. usama bin laden di abottabada halaiko zimadar di hes oshoi.. Baqi faujo Fata zhangot alti ispa braginian talibana chakay maraika di ho host oshoi..
    Musharaf fauji wa siyasi tora Pakistanot naqabil talafi nuqsan taraitai..wa horo saza hotain milav boyan. Ispa ee budkirdar mosho kyawat di supporto no kosi.. hes islamo bo lot dushman oshoi wa dunya ispa imago kharab arer.

    1. Kashi (Islamabad ) says

      AoA mukhtaram miki obaidullah sb, mushaaraf tan zata kyagh ki boyan ispa as a chitrali ho no lolaylik, isap sirf tan chitralo taraqio bara soch korilik jama ,paksitan sawoz beiti kanduri hokomran ka chitralo bachen korum kori asuni atet p sa safantay pata jama,agr tu pohk d qurana khhabardar bos they ta haya lu musharaf sbo bara no delik oshoi jama asay bo lot ehsan kori asur ispa saf chitralyan bachn,qurana saf wazeh sher ka ki kos sora ehsaan arar ato atey qesma achi delik, baqi americo agento bara haya ki, GM pakistano abad kori astai otherwise nawaz sharif wa zardari homoni hamo nilam koriko beti astani jama agr GM e kama sal khur hokumata behchira pakistano hamoni behesht kori seer,,agr GM islamo dushman beruaa ho chakay ka khan e kabo taka alti azan no desini jama, ayenda social media kyagh post korika proshti jam duni lu det jama,islamo dushman tu ma kyala aleef bey taten no goyan tan soro islamo tekadar resan… ma lu a ki khafa how maten muaf koray,

  6. Shahpar Ali says

    Actually, majority of the people of Chitral had served in the army and in the lower ranks. A captain to them was once the highest thing they could think of let alone a General. They could not even think of meeting a general. In the shape of General Musharraf they saw the mightiest man taking their name and asking them for vote. I think this is probably the only reason we support Musharraf.
    I say this because many people argue that we support Musharraf because he has done so many good things for Chitral. Taking the argument on the face of it while I think of any such good think I fail to come up with any one (except Lawarni Tunnel, I give u that). Can any Musharraf Supporter list down three great things happened in Chitral in Musharraf’s time? any university, any campus, any new college, any new road, hydel power station, income opportunities for the poor, any industry, factory, any tourism development initiative..anything??

    1. Noor Arab says

      My dear brother Shahpar Ali,
      First of all you underestimated the Chitralis that the Chitralis could not imagine meeting a General.
      Chitralis are people who know self respect. General Musharraf was the President and once if you come out of the country and on international level comparison, then you will know that he was not a General only, he was a true and powerful President of the country named Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Now keep the hand on your chest and deny these facts.
      1. Lowari Tunnel (The vision is not to open traffic for Chitralis only but to provide an opportunity to Chitral as the doorstep and a business hub for central Asian countries.
      2. Telecommunication: The wireless loop service was spread almost on 50% of Chitral region. Before that, hardly any other government had provided a few towers in Chitral for these phones. In terms of mobile service, did you see the Telenor towers erected in many parts of Chitral during Musharraf era but after that can you name any democratic government managing even 20 per cent of these towers. So these towers are just reminding us of Musharraf.
      3. Booni-Shahdur road,
      4. Mastuj-Broghil road.
      5. The RCC Mastuj bridge, but it seems you have never visited area to cross this bridge.
      These are the projects that are directly linked with the opportunities for employment and the second phase would be started after completion of these mega projects.
      We were six months Pakistanis and I think that it will be nonsense to set industry where approach to the market is not possible for half a year.

      1. Abdullah Khan says

        Musharaf anti-Islam korum koriko wajahen mukafaat e amal se du char hai. Hes chetraro bachen kiagh kori asur k ispa hoten mohsin e chitral resi. Pisa meher bani kori hash mo soch korur k ka chetraro bachen kiasgh are asal lu haya ki hes islamo bachen kiagh are. Ma khiala Zia ul haq wahid sader oshoi k hase mulka islam nafiz koriko koshish are wa hate wajahen hoto shaheed areni. Zia royan nimezo paband arer wa salat committee sav zetai hate bachen roi refrendema hatot vote prani.

        1. Nosherwan Adil says

          It’s people like you and the worst military dictator Gen Zia due to them we are suffering today. There is blooshed in the country. Taliban fugitives are slaughtering the army jawan. Mullah radio is your ameerul mumineen whe Maulana diesel is your spiritual leader. If these are the people whom you think will lead you on the day of judgement, I would prefer not to cross pul sirath. Islam is a comple code of life and Allah only helps those who follow the true essence of Islam, who love humanity. Zia exploited the clerics using the religion as a tool. People like you who does not know anything about religion have spoiled the image of Islam. To people like you, I’ve nothing to except sum-mum ghumyun fahum la yarjiun. May God help you to understand the right path.

      2. Shahpar Ali says

        Brother, don’t be sentimental and argue on the basis of Facts.
        1. Lawari Tunnel – I said earlier except Lawari what else Musharraf did for Chitral.
        2. Telecommunication. Telenor is a Norwegian private company working for profit. It started its operations in whole northern areas in 2007 including gligit, ghizer, Hunza, Skardu etc so Musharraf and his love for Chitral has nothing to do with it. PTCL Vfone was another business case and technology driven service extended to whole of pakistan, not only chitral.
        3. As for as I know Booni-Shandur road is the same as it was during the times of Bhutto. The road from Chitral to Booni was carpeted during Nawaz second tenure and further from Booni the road is as it was before 1990.
        4. Same goes for Mastuf-Boroghul road. We heard in 2012 that Corps Commander ordered widening the road, nothing happened on that road during Musharraf era.
        5. Regarding the Mastuf Bridge, I do no know when did the workd initially started. But I am sure about two things, it wasn’t started until 2007 and it is completed in 2012. So I can safely assume that Musharraf did not complete it during the 9 years when he was the sole power in whole Pakistan.
        As I said earlier, Except for the Lawari Tunnel which I must say is a huge service, Msuharraf did noting for Chitral. Not even One thing worth mentioning.

    2. M. Wali, Mastuj says

      It seems you have spent your whole life in the company of field marshals, kings and crown princes and a general and president of Pakistan is a minion for you. Secondly, I am 100 per cent sure you live outside Chitral and have never travelled to and from Chitral in the winter season let alone cross the Lowari pass in January or February. If you call a sunny day a night, dear Shahpar Ali, you are free and nobody can and should argue with you. But here you fail what people other than Musharraf have done for Chitral. i challenge you name just one not three things any government or president and prime minister except Musharraf and Zulfikar Ali Bhutto did for Chitral since 1947.

      1. Shahpar Ali says

        Dear Brother, assuming where I am, where I traveled etc. etc. are no arguments. The argument I am trying to make is Musharraf re-started work on Lawari Tunnel, that was a huge service to the people of Chitral. I do not confront that. My argument is, except for this He did nothing for Chitral during his 9 years of dictatorial regime when he had the whole power and money under his belly. If I am wrong, prove me wrong by telling me what he did.

  7. Noor Arab says

    There were some comments trying to convince the people that Musharraf has no future and the lonely seat in NA and PA are not able to solve the problem of Chitral. The MNA and MPA are waiting to get appointment from federal and provincial government to raise the issue. Can anyone accept the truth that even elected members of PML-N are unable to do some valuable progress in their regions to satisfy the people of their constituency. Being in majority, does PML-N is running smooth governance in the country or able to deliver those things that they promised during the election campaign.
    Does PTI being in government is also able to deliver justice within KPK. Did the KPK chief minister himself not declare that he could not have a single appointment from Prime Minister even requesting for more than a month. The provincial government blames federal government and federal government blames provincial government. PTI is still confused on terrorists issue and avoiding himself to involve in the talks between the terrorist and government and also not clear about military operation. totally confused. So please stop blame games and look forward to the positive things.
    PPP itself is not able to solve the issues in its territory in Sindh. PPP leadership itself in its five year tenure not able to visit once where Chitrali representative was a minister of the time. Accept the realities that in recent time no on is in the position of delivering good to their people.
    Musharraf has done a lot for the region and difference in opinion must be there. But we support those things that he did for Chitral and also he made Pakistan progressive.We overseas proudly could say that we are Pakistanis at his time and people were listening to us where ever we went. Now a days we have ban in so many countries and we are now known as Pakis.
    At last I would like to say that we are all Chitralis and have to respect each other. We should support our leaders whoever has been elected to solve our problems. Unity will make us progressive and hatred will bring us into the stone ages.

  8. Zahiruddin says

    We support Pervaiz Musharraf and ready for any type of sacrifice for him. May Almighty Allah save him from judicial, political and media drones

  9. Ali Safdar Khan says

    I was supporter of Musharraf until last election and voted in his name but cannot be slave for years to come. He was a good leader and now gone, he like every dictator, had done good and bad things that we all know and as of now behind the bars. Things have changed, we have seen how insignificant we have become, by voting the dictator. Nobody listens to our elected leaders, and they have been seeking time to meet the CM and PM for months. Parliamentary politics is all about number games and we have to be more rationale in future elections and can be more resourceful if we keep in mind the impact of our voting on the national level.
    The above statements that “i am ready to die for Musharaf” are preposterous and not rationale, we should be more mature and avoid being emotional.

  10. Hameed Sangal says

    At least someone came forward to die for Musharaf from Chitral. The elected leaders who have used his name are hibernating and too afraid to take his name in Public. We were expecting the MNA and MPA will come out for his support but i guess they are waiting the outcome of his trial and may join PMLN in coming months.

  11. Minhaj says

    Nice and wonderful statement showing our honesty. We will also be supporting G.M till our last blood. Mushrraf one of the pro-Pakistani persons equally divided everything in almost all Pakistan and other than that yes indeed he is facing more chalangies nowadays. We condemn all the political cases againest him. So we need to pray for him may Allah bless him always.

  12. Akbar Hussain Mughal says

    It is beyond doubt that the contribution of Musharraf for Chitral is highly admirable. If anyone is blindly neglecting this fact, he should review its statement. we will stand by you Musharraf, God bless you. You have done a lot for the marginalized people of Chitral.

  13. Karim Ullah says

    مخترمہ شاہدہ سحر صاحبہ اگر آپ کو اور مشرف کے دوسرے فیلوور کو مرنے کا اتنا ہی شوق ہے تو ہم اس میں کچھ بھی نہیں کر سکتے ویسے بھی بلند و نالا محل نشین،نام نہاد لیڈروں کی باتوں پر تو ہم جان کی بازی لگانے میں کوئی کسر باقی نہیں رکھتے۔۔باقی رہی بات مشرف کارڈ پر ووٹ حاصل کرنے والے اگر ایک مرتبہ پریس کانفرنسی یا احتجاجی جلوس ہی نکالتے لیکن ممبرصاحب کو مقناطیس سے تلاش کر کے بھی نہیں مل رہے ہیں۔باقی اس قسم کی جذباتی باتین تو پہلے بی بہت ہو چکی ہے اور اب مزید بھی ہوتے رہنگے شاید اس نعرے کو لے کر اپر چترال کے سات پولنگ اسٹیشنون کا دورہ کرکے اسی مشرف کے نام پر دوبارہ عوام کو گمراہ کرنے کا سلسلہ شروع ہوا ہو،

    1. Irfan says

      Karim Ullah sehb ap ko to musharaf sehb ka kuch b ni pta ap wo log ho jo latoo k bhoot batoo s ni mantey ap dndey k agey seedhey ho musharaf n taliban ko tok k rka hoa tha aj mzakrat ho rhe h asa ku h? jb k taliban n massom lgo ko shaheed kia h hr yazeed k khilaf uthna hmara frz h or haq ka sath dana b agr lal masjid wala case h to masjid e zarar ka ka wakia prh lo jb Allah k ghr m bdkaria honey lgey to us wkt us ko pak krna hr muslman p wajib ho jata h or khana kaba ko ku griaaia gia tha? ap ko to kuch h ni pta ap to bs latoo k bhoot hn jo batoo s ni mantey Allah pak sir musharaf ka hami o nasir ho ameen

      1. Karim Ullah says

        میرے پیارے بھائی عرفان اپکی جذبات کی قدر کرتا ہوں اور یہ بھی بتاتا چلو کہ میں نے اپنے کامنٹس میں نہ لال مسجد کا نام لیا تھا اور نہ ہی طالبان کے خلاف اپریشن کی کبھی مخالفت کی۔بلکہ میں تو پرنٹ میڈیا میں مسلسل ان طالبان کے خلاف اپریشن کے متعلق لکھتا آرہا ہوں باقی ہم سب کو پتہ ہے کہ اسی مشرف کے نام کا کارڈ استعمال کر کے 2008 اور پھر 2013 کا الیکشن ہمارے نمائندوں نے جیتا ابھی تک کوئی ایک بیان مشرف کے حق میں ان نام نہاد لیڈروں نے دیا؟؟کبھی احتجاجی مظاہرے کئے گئے؟؟؟ باقی اگر کوئی جذباتی ہو کر خود کشی کے لئے تیار ہے تو انکے لئے اتنا ہی کہہ سکتے ہیں کہ ”بریاوا رویوسو لو نو چاکور”’ جو دھوکہ اپکے لیڈروں نے مشرف کو دیا اس پر سر شرم سے جھک جاتی ہے

    2. Kashi (Islamabad ) says

      Mr Karim Ullah,,,,just imagine and compare the situation in Chitral before Musharraf era and now and will you feel the change. What was the situation in Chitral before he came to power and what is now. These are all because of Musharraf’s contribution which he made for Chitral. We should appreciate his contribution and services for Chitralis.
      Kashi (Islamabad)

    3. Sardar Ali says

      Wo Musharaf ki party (APML) se election lar raha hai to Musharaf k nam ko lekar vote nahi laingey to kis k nam se vote laingay???? kya ap ka nam lain??????????

  14. Syed Nasiruddin Peerzada says

    God Bless you.

  15. Ali Syed says

    Hum ap k sat hn….

  16. Noor Hassan says

    We recognize the services of Gen Musharaf and respect him a lot but we are not ready to die for the usurpers and mafias who are in the public offices using his name. Chitralis need to be very careful and not get very emotional. They should understand these people are not very loyal to him as they sound.

  17. Arif Ali Khan says

    Sahi sher wa yaar,
    agar ham tarikh ka jaiza le to chitral k log tarikhi namak haram sabit hoe hen, sub se pehle in logon ne dokhe se khoshwaqt khandan ko marwa dia, bad me in logon ne Bulbul peer k sath dokha kar k riyasat e mestoj bahali tehrik shorgh kar k is bechare peer ko marwa dia, pher mehtar e chitral k sath haat kar k pakistan me shamil hoe, baad me bhoto sahib inka hamdard ban kar aya to mestoj k maqam par chitralion ne bhutto k sath ye wada kia k ham 7 poshton tak apko nehi bolenge, aor bhoto ko phansi hoi yehan par halwa pakaya gia. aor ab mosharaf ki bari hai, pehle mosharaf ko mohsin e chitral banaya, iske baad jab pura mulk iske darpe tha, chitral k chand moazizeen baar baar dobai aor london ja kar retired 72 sala mosharaf ko ye keh kar sabz bagh dekhaya k wapasi par 6 lak chitrali karachi airport par apka istiqbal karenge, is khosh fehmi me mosharaf jab wapas aya to airport par 150 chitrali mowjod the woh b night shift wale, pechle 7 mahine se mosharf mosibat me hai, is arse me 1 martaba be chitral me in k haq me ihtijaj ya himayat me koi program nehi hoa kion k mosharaf chitralion k liye outdated ho gia hai, ab agar mosharf ko phansi ho jaye to 2018 k election tak kam aye ga, is k baad ye qowm koi naya morgha talash karenge.

  18. Sher Wali Khan Aseer says

    Yes, Shahida behn!
    it is the voice of the majority of Chitral people. We would be standing by Musharraf as long as we live. Long live Musharraf!

    1. Nilum Khan says

      Pervez Mushareaf ix the hero of Chitral. It is a great news for all of us that as Chitrali people after shaheed zulfikar Ali Bhutoo, Pervez Musharraf is the only leader who gave Chitralis recognition as Pakistanis. We should welcome him warmly into our land for leadership.

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