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Fear rules the roost in Kalash valleys

CHITRAL: The Taliban threat has frightened the Kalash community living in the three segregated valleys in southern Chitral beyond description.
lukeThe fear was writ large on the faces of Kalash community members who had come to the city from the valleys in connection with different work on Friday.
Luke Rahmat, a Kalash young man holding a master’s degree, said the threatening message from the Taliban had terrified each and every Kalash community member who numbered around 3500 people.
Regarding the authenticity of the threat, he said it can be questioned on many grounds but the fact remained that it had filled fear and terror in the Kalash valleys in special and the other parts of the district in general.
Mr. Rahmat said that the Kalash people had started to confine themselves within their homes after sunset fearing the onslaught of Taliban.
“My seven-year-old daughter was found awakening in the midnight when I returned home from another valley the other day,” he said, adding she was eagerly waiting him for she feared Taliban.
A number of incidents in the Kalash valleys including the slaughtering of a Spaniard, a pasture along with its herdsman and his beheading substantiated the Taliban threats, he said.
Tash Khan, another Kalash, said that Kalash are known for their peaceful nature and gullibility which can be gauged from the fact that never in their known history, a Kalash has committed murder or suicide. He said that the Kalash people preferred peace over everything else and they are ready even to leave their valleys if they are asked to do so. However, a number of religious leaders representing different political parties, were of the opinion that it was a hoax threat and was connected to the talks between the government and the Taliban leadership.
MNA Shahzada Iftikharuddin said foolproof measures must be taken to defend the Kalash community irrespective of the authenticity or otherwise of the threat call.–Zahiruddin


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