Top NTS scorer denied job

CHITRAL, Feb 18: A woman from upper Chitral has alleged that she was deprived of her right to employment even after scoring highest marks in the NTS test held for the vacant post of monitoring and data collection assistant in the KPK education department. Talking to this correspondent here, Shazia Bibi, daughter of Liaquat Ali Shah of Laspur valley said that in October 2013 the post was advertised for which the qualification was set as BA/BSc. She said after she submitted her application she was called for the NTS test in which she topped in the whole district of Chitral with 79 marks. Later, she was called for the interview. She said to appear in the test and later in the interview she had to travel to Peshawar along with her brother spending thousands of rupees on travel and lodging expenses. She said that she obtained 79 out of 100 marks in the NTS test but the post was given to another candidate who had scored just 64 marks. Ms Shazia said she was denied the post on the pretext that she had passed the SSC exam in third division. However, Ms Shazia claimed that she had passed the matric exam in second division and her documents can be checked for it by anyone. Then she was also told that the department preferred candidates holding MSc degrees. However, she said that in the advertisement, there was no mention of preference for the candidates holding MSc degrees. She appealed to the PTI government and the chairman of the party, Imran Khan, to look into the case otherwise she would be compelled to approach the court to seek justice.–GH Farooqui  ]]>

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  1. PTI government has not eliminated corruption in KPK. All the MPAs and ministers are corrupt. Also, they do not carry out their duties honestly.

  2. My sympathies are with sister Shazia and i would say she has done very well in the tests. But there are many others and a few of them i know are high scorers who could not qualify for the position. The written test is not the only criterion and while she is mentioning that the selected candidate was an Msc, so he/she could be more qualified and definitely get preference.
    My best wishes for Shazia and keep working hard sister.

  3. Obtaining more score in NTS was not the sole criterion for getting the job in DCMA in IMU-E and S.E. 50% NTS and 50% academic qualifications were combined and final merit list was displayed. The candidates who were able to get the top four positions were selected as there were only four seats. This is crystal clear, due process was finely obeyed and, this is not an issue worthy of raising every day in the local media. Even in a court petition was filed and the court has already been convinced that the process of selection was transparent. No one has any right to be mischievous on the ground of lack of information or for self interest.

  4. I fear NTS scores are not the only criterion for getting a job. I express sympathy with my sister from upper Chitral but if she is given the job will it not be an injustice with the candidate holding an MSc degree? Whenever a post is advertised, the minimum qualification is mentioned like BA/BSc. This means that the minimum qualification can qualify you to sit the test. If there are candidates with higher qualifications, of course, they are given preference.

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