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Tree plantation campaign launched

CHITRAL, Feb 17:  The annual tree plantation campaign started here on Monday. plantsIn this regard, a function was held in which the organizers over 863,000 saplings had been provided to different areas through local support organizations. He said 45,000 forest and 25000 fruit plants had been arranged for the Chitral town area. Similarly, 150,000 forest and 30,000 fruit plants distributed to 14 areas. Over 5,000 fruit plants were handed to Chitral Scouts. Speaking on the occasion, an environment activist raised the issue of mysterious diseases in orchards which destroyed fruit plants, especially apples. Jan Mohammad Khan, the district agriculture director, said the research station was already working on the issue and would find out a remedy. He emphasized that farmers and general public should keep the height of a new sapling less than three feet. Former MPA Saeed Ahmad proposed promotion of local fruits like grapes, pears and apples which are most delicious and sweet compared to the fruits of other areas. At last Azar Ayaz of an NGO which arranged the tree plantation drive handed over fruit plants to the DC Chitral who planted saplings and launched the campaign. On the occasion plants were distributed among representatives of LSOs of 14 areas in different parts of Chitral. A large number of people participated in the plantation drive.—GH Fraooqui  ]]>

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  1. Imtiaz Baig says

    Another way to misuse public funds and get publicity through these worthless exercises. These plants are not adaptable to our environment. The government agencies have always failed to protect the planted saplings and forests of Chitral. Actually these government officials are hand in glove with the timber mafia and we need to launch a campaign against them to protect our natural environment.

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