55 medicinal plant colloctors imparted training

CHITRAL, Feb 17: Training was imparted to 55 persons engaged in the collection of medicinal plants by non-timber forest products (NTFP) department so that they could identify, collect and preserve the plants in their respective pastures on scientific basis to augment their value in the market. kavirSpeaking at the concluding session, the district in-charge of NTFP Ajaz Ahmed said that the high land the pastures of Chitral contained innumerable varieties of medicinal plants which were in great demand in the pharmaceutical industry. He said that the collection practice in vogue in the area was obsolete from identification to the marketing process due to which it carried least dividend to the collectors while a large portion of the collected plants were wasted or lost their vitality. Mr. Ahmed said that the training process will be continued while necessary kits and tools were also provided to the trainees which are used in scientific way of plant collection. He said that the medicinal plants collection will shortly be developed into a full-fledged source of employment and will provide a potential source of deriving their livelihood thereby reduce the rate of unemployment in the area.–Zahiruddin]]>

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