Candidate from Brep tops NTS test

CHITRAL, Feb 8: The following candidates have scored the highest marks in the NTS test held for filling six posts of Secondary School Teacher (SST) general in different schools of Chitral. ntsThe names of the candidates and the marks they obtained are: Waqar Ahmed s/o Gulzar Ahmed, Brep, upper Chitral; 83/100; Ijaz Ahmed s/o Gulhazar Khan, Wasum, Yarkhun, 80/100; Akbar Hussain, son of Afzal Hussain, Kosht, 78/100; Altaf Karim s/o Niyat Karim and Hafeezullah s/o Allah Nawaz Perkusap, both 77/100 marks; Samiullah s/o Abdul Haleem Zizdi, 75/100, and Muhammad Ijaz s/o Muhammad Juma Khan, Perkusap 74/100. ChitralToday would like to extend congratulations to the candidates on their brilliant success in the test. It may be noted that the directorate of elementary and secondary education KPK had announced the posts in BPS 16. Out of the total, Chitral has been allocated six posts. These posts are vacant at the Govt middle schools Yarkhun Lasht, Bang, Harchin, Madaklasht, Werkup and Urchun. The NTS test for the posts was held in Peshawar on February 1. Hundreds of candidates appeared in the test and many of them got through but only the above with highest marks would be picked for the posts. The passing marks in the test was 50. It may be noted that Waqar Ahmed, who obtained 83 out of 100 marks, is currently teaching at the Aga Khan Higher Secondary School (AKHSS) Chitral.]]>

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  1. many congrats to all students for thier brilliant effort and passing the exam with good percentage and i suggest you to please work more hard and compete in national level..

  2. Congrats and best wishes to all.
    But I miss here the name of my best friend Taufiq Ur Rehman, who got 79 marks in SST general.

  3. O, That’s great, Congrats.The pictures of the candidate who is the topper is missing here. Please it should be uploaded.

  4. I Mr. Muhammad Din s/o Nadir khan of Yarkhoon have also scored 77. I don’t know why my name has not been mentioned.

  5. We are really pleased to know that our youth have passed NTS test with good marks. I extend my warmest congratulations to all the brilliant candidates and their parents.

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