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Patient at Drosh hospital sent to jail along with father

DROSH, Feb 2: Before thinking of getting treatment at the Tehsil Headquarters (THQ) Hospital Drosh and return home in good health get ready for the worst. policeIf you do not believe this, here is the story of Azizullah, a resident of Kalkatak near Drosh, who took his son suffering from some mental ailment to the THQ hospital and landed in the police lock-up along with the patient. Shahzada Sareeullah, a notable of the Drosh town, while talking to ChitralToday said that two days back Azizullah took his son Ehsanullah to the hospital but there was no doctor available to see the patient. Azizullah approached the paramedical staff, including some compounders in the hospital, and complained about the unavailability of doctors to see his son. However, they entered into a scuffle. As a result, the hospital staff called the police and alleged that Azizullah and his son had attacked them. The police reached the spot and arrested the father and his ailing son and sent them to jail. When ChitralToday contacted the Drosh police to know their version, an official in the police station said Mustansif Humayun, a compounder at the THQ hospital, lodged a complaint with the police stating that Azizullah brought his son to the hospital early in the morning and due to a delay in checking of his son, he lost temper. He said Azizullah and his son then attacked the hospital staff with a chair and broke the windowpanes of the hospital. The chair was also broken by the father and the son, he alleged in his complaint. The police said they reached the hospital and took the two men into custody and brought them to the police station. The police official said a case was registered against Azizullah and his son on the charge of attacking the hospital staff and damaging the public property. He said the case had been registered against the two men under section 504, 506, 427 and 186 of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) and the arrested men sent to jail. when asked what crime these sections deal with, the police official could not explain and said that these are usually applied in cases where someone attacked any government officials or damaged public property. The police also said that an inquiry committee had been formed to probe the matter.]]>

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