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Prove your tradition of hospitality

If not tomorrow, one day in the near future Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will visit Chitral. Whenever Mr Sharfi come to Chitral, the people of the valley should give him a rousing welcome irrespective of their political affiliations because we are known for our tradition of hospitality around the world. It should be noted that the head of the government does not belong to any specific political party as he is the prime minister of the whole country. Chitral, due to its specific geographical location, not only can provide Pakistan a direct, shortest and safe road link to Central Asia and China but has also the potential to produce thousands of megawatts of electricity to steer the country out of the current power crisis. The political parties of Chitral by maintaining their traditions of unity and hospitality should also work together to persuade the PML-N government to allocate sufficient funds for the Lowari Tunnel and launch the Tajikistan highway project through Chitral. This will not only bring development opportunities to Chitral but will also open a new era of prosperity and progress in whole region. Inayatullah Aseer Peshawar]]>

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