Still strong and standing tall!

CHITRAL, Jan 23: The fort of Damel Nisar at Arandu near the Pakistan-Afghan border was established by the British Army in 1895-1901 to protect Chitral from Afghan invasions. The historical fort was made of stones without using cement and still stands tall and strong.–Gul Hamaad Farooqi. For forts in Chitral, read here: fort]]>

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  1. Interesting and informative correction by Shahzada Idrees Hayat. Very few people knew this. Actually most of people think that all quality buildings were raised by British but it is not true.

  2. The Fort at Damel Nisar was constructed during the reign of Mehtar Shuja ul Mulk for his nephew Shahzada Amir Abe Hayat Khan alias Hindustani Shazda (s/o Mehtar Amir-ul-Mulk). The Jagir at Damel along with Damel Nisar Fort remained personal property of Shahzada Abe Hayat till early 1940s when he took political asylum in Afghanistan. His two elder sons were born in this fort and were fostered by Dameli-Arandui tribes. The fort was sold to the British Army after the family left for Afghanistan. Tt wasn’t built by the British.

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