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No heinous crime reported in Chitral in 2013

CHITRAL, Jan 21: There was no report of heinous offences such as kidnapping for ransom, child abduction, bank robbery and car theft during the year 2013 in Chitral. According to the information gathered from the offices of district police officer, the total number of offences reported by Chitral police was 3563 against 3190 of the year 2012. Both the cases of murder and attempted murder showed downward trend during the year which were 11 and 18 respectively against that of 15 and 23 of the year 2012. As many as 816 cases of Hudood Ordinance, two cases of Zina, 60 cases of hurt, 982 cases of traffic rules violation and four cases of assault on police were registered during the period. During the year, 362 kg charas, 52 kg opium, 120 grams of heroin and 450 litres of liquor were recovered. Seven Kalashnikovs, 24 rifles, 100 shot guns, 27 pistols, three daggers, 2959 rounds, 4000 kg explosive powder, four hand grenades and only one detonator were recovered. As per the information, 232 proclaimed offenders were added, 168 were arrested, one was struck off and 181 remained at large while the total number of proclaimed offenders was found 244 at the close of the year.–Zahiruddin  ]]>

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