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  1. Khalid Zafar says

    Dear brother I wasn’t expecting that you can send the news to any agency. We are fortunate that Allah Almighty saved the most valuable things in our lives, our parents and other family members.
    though we lost every bit and piece which was in our home but we deserve congratulations that no harm was done to our family members. The hell fire, the scorching heat and the percolating smoke hadn’t had the power to penetrate the shield of God which saved the most valuables of our lives. Though our house which was built after great aspirations burnt to ashes our faith and belief in Allah is strong and no catastrophe can move it.
    I advise you my brother to be brave and have faith in Allah who is responsible for every thing and he knows better than any one, if he thinks our house should be burnt, who are we then to ask him why he did so???.
    Yours Brother
    Khalid Zafar

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