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Thousands rally from Booni to Reshun powerhouse

JUNALI KOCH, Jan 20: Thousands of people have started a protest rally towards the Reshun powerhouse to close it down for its management’s discriminatory treatment with the domestic consumers and wide-scale corruption. hunger copyOn Monday morning, as planned, thousands of people gathered at Booni Chowk on the call of the Tehreek Huqooq-e-Awam. Later, they started the protest rally to Reshun. When this report was filed at about 1:30 pm, the participants of the protest march had reached the Charun bridge in hundreds of vehicles. The participants were chanting slogans in support of their demands. The people were of the view that the management of the powerhouse was illegally selling electricity to marble plants, furniture makers and other private companies and pocket the money. On the other hand, the domestic consumers are provided electricity just for four hours. The powerhouse was built in compensation for the elimination of the production of Charas by the people of upper Chitral but now it is being used as a money making machine by the corrupt management headed by a lineman. One of the leaders of the protesters told ChitralToday that 99 per cent of the people of the area were demanding that if the powerhouse was not able to ensure at least eight hours electricity to the area daily it should be locked.]]>

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