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Reshun powerhouse in-charge suspended, protesters refuse to leave town

RESHUN, Jan 20: While protesting people here were assured that their first and main demand of removing the in-charge of the Reshun powerhouse would be implemented tomorrow, they refused to disperse and instead staged a sit-in at Ramdas Chowk. Reshun village After the participants of the rally numbering about 4,000 reached here from Booni on Monday evening, Assistant Commissioner Mr Minhaj and other officials informed them that they had spoken to the deputy commissioner Chitral and it had been decided that the powerhouse official would be suspended before being removed with a corruption case pending against him.  They were also told that MNA Shahzada Iftikharuddin would reach Reshun at about 8am on Tuesday while the deputy commissioner would visit the town between 11am and 12 noon on Tuesday and hold talks with them to meet their other demands. The protesters were asked to leave the town leaving their representatives behind to hold talks with the MNA and the DC. The protesters, however, refused to leave the area till their demands were fulfilled. When this report was field at about 8:30pm, they had closed the main Chitral-Mastuj road and hundreds of vehicles were stranded at Reshun. Only two jeeps carrying dead bodies were allowed to proceeds towards Booni. The protesters brought wood from nearby areas and lit fire and were spending the night at Ramdas Chowk. They were being served with meals and tea by the people of Reshun. Contact us: 03325367773 Follow us on twitter: @ChitralToday Email: Like our page at:]]>

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