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New JUI ministers say "We are with people of Chitral"

ISLAMABAD, Jan 20: A delegation of JUI Chitral met the newly inducted federal ministers of the party in Islamabad and apprised them of Chitral issues on Sunday. A press release issued by the JUI Chitral said that the delegation requested Federal Minsiter Akram Khan Durrani and minister of state Maulana Ghafoor Haideri to also take up the issue of the Lowari tunnel with the government. They said due to non-allocation of sufficient funds during the last over six years the tunnel still remained incomplete and the people of Chitral have to face lots of hardship. They said that in the winter Chitral remained completely cut-off from the rest of the country. They also requested the ministers to ask the departments concerned to expedite the work on the mega project. The delegation also invited the JUI ministers to visit Chitral which they accepted, said the release. Speaking on the occasion, the ministers said the people of Chitral should not feel themselve alone as the JUI ministers are with them and would be taking up their issues very seriously to get them resolved. The delegation included Qari Jamal Abdul Nasir, Maulana Hidayatul Haqm, Maulana Hussain Ahmed, Maulana Muhammad Umer, Saeed Khan Laal, Maulana Obaid Farooqui, Haji Noor Muhammad, Maulana Faiz Muhammad, Haji Aziz and Nadir Khawaja.]]>

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