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Embargo on Chitral

Yes, it seems strange to hear this but after all it is an embargo. In the true sense it is worse than the embargoes which have been imposed on Iran, China, Indonesia, Cuba and many other countries. Usually embargoes are imposed by one country on another country. The situation is the opposite over here. Very sad to say, this embargo is imposed by our own country on our own people. The most horrific aspect of this embargo is that it encompass all merchandise including edibles, while most embargoes are on other items with the exemption of food stuffs. In regards to the Lowari Tunnel, the key factor is to maintain the flow of traffic through the tunnel by keeping it open during winter. The government should make its utmost effort to maintain the flow of transit through the tunnel during the winter season. The Lowari tunnel is the only route connecting our area with the rest of the country. Apart from all other basic needs, many patients need to be transported to the cities for better health care facilities. It is a matter of life and death. If the people of Chitral demand that the tunnel be open on daily basis, it will not be an unjust demand. It is a fight for their rights. After all blame can be laid at the previous government for diverting funds to other projects and ignoring Chitral. Yet to be optimistic, we expect the KPK government to demonstrate the difference between it and the previous governments and for the prime minister Nawaz Sharif to act as chief executive for the whole country, not only for Punjab. After all we should not be put at the mercy of the NHA and SAMBU.]]>

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