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Protesters warn Shoghore PTCL management

CHITRAL, Jan 17: A large number of people at Shoghor took to the streets against non-functional telephones and corruption in the local PTCL exchange. vfone copyThe protesters were carrying placards and banners and chanting slogans against the management of the local telephone exchange. Addressing the protest gathering, the speakers said that due to the apathy of the officials and corruption in the department the subscribers faced lots of trouble but had to pay inflated bills. They alleged that the operator in the telephone exchange was giving connections from the main line to people after taking bribe and there was no action against him. They alleged that the operator was mentally disturbed and completely disregarded the rules and regulations and doled out connections after taking bribe. Despite repeated complaints the operator was neither being transferred nor punished for his wrongdoing, the protesters added. They warned that if things were not put in order at the exchange they would have no other option but extend their protest to compel the management to resolve the issue —Nazir Hussain  ]]>

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