CHEPS uses music to create public awareness about environment

CHITRAL, Jan 13: The Chitral Heritage and Environment Protection Society on Saturday arranged a musical event at PTDC Chitral with a view to impart environmental awareness through art. artists The event featured well known artists of Chitral namely Baba Fatahuddin, Iqbalud Din Sahar, Shujaul Haq, Chairman Shaukat Ali, Zafar Ahmad and Nisar Ahmad. Chitral Scouts’ musical band also participated in the event. The audience was mesmerized by the spellbinding performances of the artists. Speaking prior to the musical event, Rahmat Ali Jaffar Dost, the Chairman CHEPS, said the purpose of the event was to impart environmental awareness through art and motivate people to work for the preservation of Chitral’s environmental and cultural heritage. Achievement certificates and awards were also distributed among a number of personalities who have rendered great services for environment and culture in Chitral. The recipients included Muhammad Afzal known as Afzal Miki; Shahzada Khush Ahmadul Mulk who has imparted environmental awareness through his poetry; Brigadier Nasir Khan Jadoon, former Commandant Chitral Scouts who during his one-year tenure in Chitral, planted almost 100,000  plants in Chitral; Iqbalud Din Sahar for his services to Chitrali culture and literature; Fazlur Rehman for his environmental services, Mulfat Khan for clean and neat restaurant keeping; Saleem Khan, manager the Karachi Restaurant and Subedar (Rtd) Muhammad Ayaz, the Polo Coach. It is worth mentioning here that CHEPS has for years been holding such events where environmental awareness has been fused with music so as to inspire and motivate people to work for preservation of Chitral’s both environmental and cultural heritage.–Zahoorul Haq Danishculture copy  ]]>

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  1. CHEPS efforts for highlighting Chitral environment issue is much appreciated. Mr Rehmat Ali single handedly has taken on this difficult task. In an earlier article, he had exposed the destruction to Chitral forests. If no action is taken the snowline and water resources will fast deplete affecting the hydle potential of KPK. PTI government is requested to act in time and ban forest marking and cutting. I would like to thank Chitral Today for highlighting CHEPS noble cause.

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