Chitrali artists enliven Karachi air with Khowar music


Report Wazir Ali Shah, photos by Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah

KARACHI, Jan 12: Chitral Student Welfare Associations (CSWA) organized Chitral cultural and musical night in Karachi to enliven the culture and warm up the cold Siberian wind affected people of Karachi on Saturday night.

The bands of musicians from Chitral come to Karachi every year to entertain the thirsty crowd of Khowar music. The artists upon their arrival at the venue were greeted and welcomed with a loud shriek of whistles and applause.

To mark the new year memorable with live and the unique cultural event, the famous singer Ansar Elahi, Chitral Scouts Group including Karachi-based multi-linguistic singer Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah of “Few Band” performed with zeal and received big applause and appreciation from the audience.
Despite low temperature, a large number of proud people belonging to different regions of Chitral made sure their presence in the cultural/musical show to refresh their soul penetrated poetry with justifiable delivery of famous vocalists. They also took it as relaxing hours after working hard around the year.

They feel pleasure and found themselves closer to their hometown Chitral when the Khowar artists performed.
The presence of senior citizens, dignities, a group of students and dancing groups of friends circle in different segments turned the show into a mega event. The thrilling moment of music lovers continued till late night.

Along with other initiatives for the welfare of students, the associations should always keep up the sprit to organize such cultural platform where people of peaceful valley get together to show their affection with their culture and think about the issues and find out possible solution towards the development of Chitral.

  1. Sher Wali Khan Aseer says

    Nothing of Chitrali culture was seen in the show, except for a sitarist and a singer. It was a mispresentation of our Kho culture and a means of collecting money. It may be an entertainment for the youth who have forgotten the Kho civilization.

    1. ToC says

      Agreed with Aseer

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