PHC orders govt not to stop ambulances, POL products at Lowari tunnel

PESHAWAR, Jan 11: The Peshawar High Court (PHC) on Friday directed both the federal and provincial governments to ensure non-stop supply of petroleum products to Chitral and also allow ambulances carrying patients to pass through the Lowari Tunnel. phcA single bench of Chief Justice Dost Muhammad Khan issued the directives on a petition filed by a citizen from Chitral against the closure of the Lowari Tunnel. Legal adviser to the National Highway Authority (NHA), Sikandar Rashid, submitted before the bench that standard operation procedures (SOPs) had been laid down jointly by the provincial government, Pakistan Amy and NHA under which the tunnel would be opened for three days in 15 days. He submitted that presently the tunnel was under-construction and there was no ventilation system. The chief justice observed that the transport system would come to a standstill if the supply of petroleum products was topped to the far-flung district. However, the NHA legal adviser assured the court that he would take up the issue of supply of petroleum products with the authorities concerned. The court directed the government to either allow the oil tankers after proper checking and completion of all safety measures or pass a proper pipe through the tunnel and supply petroleum products through pumping machine from one side to another. The court disposed of the writ petition with the direction that there would be non-stop service of ambulances carrying patients and petroleum products to the district through the tunnel.–The News]]>

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  1. Some days back, the PHC had ordered to open the tunnel on daily basis for the public. What so ever happened to that order?
    ظلم بچے جن رہا ہے کوچہ و بازار میں
    اب عدل کو بھی صاحب اولاد ہونا چاہئے

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