Saleem Khan has taken up tunnel issue forcefully, says PPP activist

DROH, Jan 10: Social worker and local leader of the PPP Akmal Bhutto has said the Lowari tunnel was an issue of life and death for the people of Chitral and MPA Saleem Khan played a positive and effective role in forcing the federal government to open the passageway for two days a week. Akmal BhuttoIn a press statement, he said that earlier the federal government had announced its decision to open the tunnel for only two days after every 15 days which was a cruel joke with the people of Chitral. But the forceful campaign launched under the leadership of Saleem Khan forced the government to open the tunnel for two days every week. He said in the drive, the people of Drosh also played an exemplary role under the leadership of Saleem Khan. When the people of Drosh held a long march Saleem Khan not only became part of the long march but also stayed at Mirkhani for a whole day and night till the demand of the participant was met, he added. Mr Bhutto regretted that some people were trying to belittle the sincere efforts of Saleem Khan to get the tunnel open for traffic twice a week.–Jahan Zeb]]>

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