Tunnel opened for three hours only


ISLAMABAD, Jan 4: Though the government had announced that the Lowari tunnel will remain open for two full days per week on Saturdays and Sundays, it was opened to traffic only for three hours on Saturday. openA police official at the Drosh police station told ChitralToday on phone that the tunnel was opened at 12 noon and would be closed at 3pm on Saturday. He said the three hours opening was for both the incoming and outgoing traffic. The KP government two days back announced its arrangements to keep the tunnel open for full two days in a week from January 4. A large number of people remained stranded in Chitral and in Dir side as the Lowari pass was closed a week back after snowfall. In the meantime, people in Drosh and Chitral have been protesting asking the government to open the tunnel seven days a week. But on the first day, the NHA opened the under-construction tunnel for three hours only that was not enough to ease the stranded traffic on both sides of the tunnel to cross the passageway. The police official in Drosh said a delegation of local residents has gone to Chitral on Saturday morning to meet the district administration officials and discuss the matter, as the six-hour opening of the tunnel in a week would not be enough. A police official in Chitral told ChitralToday that there was tension in the city and in Drsoh as the people were preparing to take to the streets. He said the police personnel have been directed to remain in a standby to meet any law and order situation. In case there is a protest demonstration in Drosh, the police personnel would be sent from Chitral to maintain peace there.  ]]>

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