Drosh residents gather to celebrate govt's decision

DROSH, Jan 3: The people of Drosh on Friday held a thank giving gathering at the local bazaar after the government announced that the under-construction Lowari tunnel would be opened for two days a week in the winter from January 4. The speakers on the occasion said that it was because of the forceful protest of the people of Drosh that the government had to accept the demand of the weekly opening of the tunnel as it had been insisting only on the fortnightly opening of the passageway. The speakers on the occasion thanked the district administration top officials for their efforts to get the tunnel open for two days a week. Drivers’ union president Mumtaz Ali Jan thanked the chief minister and MPA Fouzia Bibi. Addressing the gathering, Haji Shah Mehmood, the president of the traders union, condemned a publicity campaign carried out by some people who tried to claim credit for the opening of the tunnel. He said so far these people had been saying that the opening of the tunnel was not the issue of the KP government because it was the discretion of the federal government. But when the people of Drosh held protest and a long march the issue was resolved at Mirkhani. Before paying tributes to the chief minister and the MPA, these people should realize that when banners were hung in different parts of Chitral that the tunnel would be opened for two days after every 15 days where were these authorities? However, the speakers thanked the chief minister for the decision but said the decision should have been made much earlier. Those who spoke on the occasion included Haji Muhammad Shifa, Qari Jamal Abdul Nasir, Haji Anzar Gul, Abdul Bari, Suhrab Khan, Zaheer Khan, Khush Nawaz, Qari Fazal Haq and Sher Wali Khan.]]>

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