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WWF plans to protect Kalash valley pastures

CHITRAL: The Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) will provide pasture management plan based on scientific approach to ensure sustainability and soil protection in pastures of Kalash valley of Rumbur. wwfTalking to this correspondent here, WWF field biologist for Chitral region Shafiqullah Khan said though the grazing and pasture management were not new to Chitral, where 62 per cent area is covered by pastures, it was to be harnessed on scientific lines. He said the pasture of Rumbur valley, which is a buffer zone for Chitral Gol National Park, was one of the major pastures in Chitral known for its rich variety of forage and other allied resources which faced threat of overgrazing and other unhealthy interventions by local people. Mr Shafiqullah said the WWF had evolved the management plan after holding a series of meetings with the local community with a view to incorporate indigenous knowledge and practices in the plan.He said salient features of the plan included rotational grazing, seasonal selection of grazing areas and causing least interruption to habitat of wildlife in contiguous areas. Mr Shafiqullah said being the buffer zone of the national park, the Rambur pasture had many peculiar conditions, including being a host to wild animals like markhor, snow leopard, Himalayan wolf and many bird species like chukar. “The management plan will ensure security and conservation of these species”, he added. “Different measures will result in effectively checking the soil erosion which has played havoc with the plain fields of Rumbur and Ayun villages after torrential rains,” said Mr Shafiqullah.“The plan will also ensure good health of people as it will also ensure flow of pure water supply to villages,” he said. Mr Shafiqullah said the plan also envisaged pastures’ regulation as a good number of people derived their sustenance from there by collecting mushrooms and medicinal plants. The WWF official said women belonging to Kalash community were also included in the consultative process of the plan to make it more result oriented.–Dawn  ]]>

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