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Chitral legislators' asset details in their own words

SALEEM KHANsaleem2 According to the details of assets as announced by the ECP, the total value of assets owned by MPA Saleem Khan from lower Chitral (PK-89) in June 2013 was Rs17,877,000 (Rs17.87 million). It may be recalled that last year Saleem Khan had declared the value of his total assets to be Rs15.01 million. Houses, plots: According to the asset details, Saleem Khan owns a residential house at Kandojal in Lotkoh worth 2,500,000, a house in Seenlasht Chitral valuing Rs3,000,000, a 10 marla plot in Islamabad worth Rs4,000,000 and 10 acre agricultural land at Kandojal valued Rs6,000,000. Business: Golden Estate in Rawalpindi worth Rs500,000, general store in Garam Chashma worth Rs600,000. Motor vehicles: One 1999 model jeep worth Rs500,000. Jewellery etc. nil Cash and bank accounts: Cash in hand, Rs50,000, HBL Chitral 57,000, HBL Peshawar 470,000. Furniture: furniture worth Rs200,000. ghulam GHULAM MUHAMMAD: The suspended MPA from upper Chitral (PK-90) Ghulam Muhammad’s  immovable property: Without giving details of his houses etc., he has declared residential property worth 47,000,000 and 50,000,000 rupees worth of commercial buildings etc. Besides, he possesses agricultural land valuing 1,300,000 rupees. Movable property: petrol pumps worth Rs50,000,000 and other property worth 20,000,000 rupees. Ghulam Muhammad has also declared Rs13,600,000 worth of jewellery. Cash in hand 250,000, and in banks Rs1,619,622. Furniture: He has declared furniture worth of 110,000 rupees. Ghulam Muhammad has also stated that he has 30 per cent share of forest royalty with Haji Nayin in Dargai and Haji M. Dawood Khan in Chitral. Vehicles: Two Nisan oil tankers each having current value of 4000000 rupees. 2006 model land cruiser worth Rs4000,000 and Toyota 2011 car worth 1600,000 rupees. iftikhar SHAHZADA IFTIKHARUDDIN, MNA:  Iftikharuddin has stated in the column for immovable property that his father has not yet transferred the property in his name. As a result, he owns no movable property or business to be declared his own but has Rs300000 worth of furniture, one Honda Civic car and some jewellery. ASSETS IN YEAR BACK:  The total value of assets showed by Saleem Khan in 2012 was Rs15.01 million. He had shown a residential house at Kandojal, Lotkoh worth Rs2500,000 and under-construction house in Chitral valuing Rs20,00000. Besides, he had a plot valuing Rs4000,000 in Islamabad. Saleem Khan has said he inherited agricultural land worth Rs5500,000 in Chitral. He also mentioned in the business column that he owned a general store namely ‘Garamchashma general store’ which was worth Rs800,000. He had been running the store before entering politics. The vehicle column of the asset declaration form, in which the MPs are advised to mention the vehicles they own, the minister like majority of the lawmakers, had declared that he had no vehicle. Mr Khan had a current account at Habib Bank Limited, Chitral branch, where he had only Rs51,000. He had Rs175,000 bank deposit at HBL Peshawar and a saving account at The Bank Khyber (BoK), Chitral branch, with only Rs100,000. The minister had mentioned that he has furniture and fixtures worth Rs200,000. GHULAM MUHAMMAD: In 2012, Ghulam Mohammad had immoveable residential property worth Rs41,100,000, commercial property worth Rs38,800,000 while the price of his agriculture land is Rs1,20,00000. He had petrol pumps valuing Rs50,000,000 and the income from the capital was stated to be Rs20,000,000. The MPA had vehicles worth Rs13,800,000. He had also cash in hand amounting to Rs1,500,000. The value of his furniture was 1100,000. In the liabilities column, he had obtained unsecured loans of Rs21200,000 and loan by mortgaging land with Bank of Khyber, Chitral branch Rs2500,0000. In the detail of his bank accounts, according to the annexure submitted to the ECP, Ghulam Muhammad had three accounts in Bank Al-Falah Chitral. In his saving account, he has only Rs29667, current account Rs46824 and another current account with only Rs4544. He has a current account in the Bank of Khyber Chitral, in which he has only Rs55141. He has three accounts in UBL Chitral – saving account Rs28409, current account in the same bank Rs1139663 and another saving account with only Rs5708. The MPA also had a current account in Allied Bank Chitral, where he had shown Rs214313 while in another current account at the same bank, he has deposit of Rs199 – total amount of nine accounts in the four different banks in Chitral was Rs1524468. Also read at this link:]]>

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  1. Nadir Khan, Karachi says

    Like big corrupt politicians including Nawaz Sharif, Zardari, etc, Chirali political gang leaders also have concealed their assets which are open to our eyes. All political lords get their properties registered in the names of their sons, wives, daughters, and even servants and keep almost nothing in their own names. Actually, the system of assets declaration is full of flaws and a way to fool the masses. Where is the column for payment of taxes, how much tax these corrupt politicians have paid. A few years back, Nawaz Sharif paid only 5000 rupees income tax, so whatever our MPAs and MNA have come up with the details of their wealth is nothing to be surprised over.

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