High security alert in Chitral

Photo GH Farooqui[/caption] CHITRAL, Dec 22: Security has been tightened in Chitral after an intelligence report alerted police and other law enforcement agencies that three suicide bombers have entered the valley a few days back. Sources in the police said the three suicide bombers, including a Chitrali teenage boy, had penetrated the peaceful Chitral district with the aim to carry out terror activities. After the intelligence report, law enforcement agencies are on high alert to avoid any untoward incident. Police and Chitral Scouts personnel are seen patrolling different parts of the city round the clock. But the report is being kept secret in order to avoid panic among the citizens. It may be noted that despite its proximity to the terror-affected areas of KPK, Chitral remains one of the most peaceful districts of the province. Except for the killing of some security personnel along the Afghan border a few years back by Taliban militants, there has been no terror incident in the valley. The latest report has, however, sent a wave of shock among the citizens but they expressed the hope that the law enforcement agencies would foil the nefarious designs of the elements who wanted to spoil the peace of the valley. The people of Chitral also want to live in peace and harmony and are shoulder to shoulder with the law enforcement agencies in maintaining durable peace in the area.]]>

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  1. Suicide bombers in Chitral??? And one of the terrorits is reported to be a Chitrali? I can,t believe. But then anything is possible in the land of the pure (Pakistan).

  2. God willing no Taliban or their operators and backers will succeed in their nefarious design to destroy the peace of Chitral. This peace has been maintained not by police or any other law enforcers but by the peace loving people of Chitral who will Insha Allah continue to love peace and live in peace. Though they have differences but these differences are part of life as there are differences among real brothers but when it comes to collective good and honor they remain one because of blood relations. We the people of Chitral are united because we speak one language and our hearts are enliven together. If any young boy from Chitral has been misguided by Taliban outside Chitral God willing he will never be able to shed the blood of his own brothers and sisters on the soil of his birthplace. The need of the hour is to promote unity and keep an eye of suspicious people and work for love to humanity. Long live humanity, long live peace and long live the tradition of peace of Chital.

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