People of Chitral irked by non-functioning passport office

CHITRAL, Dec 21: The passport office in Chitral remains virtually closed for the last two weeks due to the breakdown of its electricity generator and the absence of its in-charge who is yet to assume charge after his transfer to the city a few months back. passportA number of people outside the passport office said that they came to the city from distant villages to get their passports but found the office locked. Some of them had come along with female members of their families as every applicant has to attend the office to affix his or her thumb impression on the online application form. Amir Khan from Torkhow valley complained that he intended to perform Haj next year along with his mother and wife and brought them to the city passport office but were told that they had to come later.He said each travel to the city will cost him more than two thousand rupees. Sharifullah from Koghuzi related similar story who was intending to perform umra with his family members and repeatedly visited the office along with them but to no avail each time. He said that he knew about many persons who lost their terms of visa in the overseas as they failed to get passports within the stipulated time and thus lost the opportunity of employment there. Presently, the passport office is staffed by one data entry operator and the office is without any head to manage and supervise its daily business. Sources said that the in-charge who was transferred to Chitral did not come here even to take charge of his office during the last couple of months.–Zahiruddin  ]]>

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