MPA suspended: Sardar Hussain says ball is now in people's court

ISLAMABAD, Dec 19: Sardar Hussain, a candidate of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) who had challenged postal and rejected votes in PK-90 (Chitral II), had the last laugh on Wednesday as the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) here suspended the membership of his rival Ghulam Muhammad as member of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provincial assembly. sardarAfter an election tribunal in Peshawar directed re-elections in seven polling stations of PK-90 (Chitral II), additional director general (elections) ECP Masud Ahmed Malik formally denotified the membership of Ghulam Muhammad of All Pakistan Muslim League (APML). “Pursuant to the judgement dated 8/11/2013 passed by the election tribunal Abbottabad in election petition number 11/2013 titled Sardar Hussain versus Ghulam Muhammad and others, the ECP is pleased to suspend the notification number F.2(43)/2013-Cord dated 22/5/2013 and notification number F.2(43)/2013-Cord dated 5/6/2013 to the extent of membership of Ghulam Muhammad in KP provincial assembly from constituency number PK-90 (Chitral II) with immediate effect”, says the ECP notification. When contacted by ChitralToday, Sardar Hussain seemed confident but declined to say anything about the possible outcome of the re-polling in the seven polling stations, saying the politically well-conscious people of Chitral know well how to use their right to franchise. Mr Shah said he wanted a free, fair and transparent election and this was the reason he had approached the court of law seeking justice against alleged misuse of money and other irregularities which took place in May 11 general elections. “The people of Chitral are politically well aware and now the ball is in their court. I did whatever I’d to do as a public representative….now I’m sure they must chose the one who can better represent them. It’s a not a matter of any party or a person but the leader should be capable enough to serve the people in a true sense without any prejudice,” he said. The disgraced former APML MPA Ghulam Muhammad could not be contacted despite repeated attempts on his cellphone to know his version on the cancellation of his membership and the likelihood of his yet another attempt to clinch the seat in a neck-and-neck competition against his archrival Sardar Hussain.]]>

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  1. Dear Mutassim Billah, please don’t bring up your personal views towards Gul Aman that have no relevance to the remarks he made in his letter. You don’t need to accuse Gul Aman and preach arrogant ideas which has nothing to do with the scheme he made about Ghulam Muhammad. I’m sure mass number of chitralis have brooding thoughts towards Ghulam Muhammad, but unfortunately due to their paucity of communication they are unable to express their ideas and thoughts. It would be agreeable if you can chronicle Ghulam Muhammad’s tenure while he was a contractor, rather than to go about some one’s personal life and howl like a wolf when it sees a full moon.
    Rehman Wali

  2. @ Mutassim Billah, You do not have to mention names of the individuals related to persons in your comments. It seems that you have some old enmity with Guljee. I being from the area can confirm that Late Abdullah Shah was a brave and well-known man. I can confirm that his family will never want anything from GM or any other to rebuild his grave. You seem to be one of the Rela beneficiaries of GM… and you have no right to make such comments.

  3. @Gul Jee: Gul Aman’s laudatory statements all the way from Canada about Sardar Hussain have continuously been making the mark on the pages of ChitralToday without knowing that the bowl is empty. Same is the case with Sardar Hussain who at the first instance gives an impression of a scholarly person but the fact of the matter is that he strands nowhere compared to GM.
    If educational qualification is the yardstick to gauge one’s competence, Ghulam Muhammad is more qualified with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Peshawar and his archrival Sadar Hussain does not even possess the secondary school certificate. Alas, he might have lost it as he always remains busy in service of humanity.
    Come on Shah jee, don’t take it to the heart you make a very good first impression which counts a lot in today’s world. Your (so-called) fluency in speaking English language makes you a rabbit and Ghulam Muhahmad, though qualified, a tortoise.
    Another hallmark in Sardar Hussain’s personality is his masterly art of impressing others through his oratory skills, which immediately wins the hearts of people like Gul Jee and several others without really knowing that his ambitions are no different than that of Saleem Khan, a fellow PPP-wala.
    People had the same expectation from Saleem, as he belonged to the lower-middle class but once he joined the elite class bandwagon his priorities completely changed. He minted millions within no time and now his stiff neck never bows.
    People who never learn from their past hardly make any progress in their lives. Saleem Khan enjoyed comparatively better reputation despite amassing unlimited ill-wealth, but the day Shah Ji reached top of the ladder he will start kicking the man behind him. The overenthusiast clan of Shah Ji will then realize that they were beating the rug.
    Well, fair enough. Last but not the least let me ask only two questions from Gul Jee. (1) Could you please tell me the name of the person who gave Rs100,000 from his own pocket for the repair of late Subedar Abdullah Shah’s grave which was in a dilapidated condition and his relatives had no money to rebuild it. (2) People who come from Charun-Oveer must be knowing Mr Azam alias Azam Ghot…tell me Gul Aman, who gave him job at social welfare department (currently he is working in Booni), was it Sardar Hussain, Rehamat Ghazi or you yourself using your nonexistent connections by sitting in Canada?

  4. Sardar Hussain and Ghulam Muhammad created lots of confusion and disrupted development work in whole upper Chitral. They also caused embarrassment to the area by exposing rigging and dishonesty in the election. The people never did anything wrong it was these two candidates who through their agents stuffed the ballot boxes in order to defeat each other and at the end stood exposed in front of the whole world. My suggestion to both of them and their supporters and qaum qabila is to feel ashamed of their acts and sit in their homes and give a chance to the pople to honestly elect some honest person to the assembly.

  5. Dear editor
    Through your online newspaper, I would deeply appreciate and endorse the decision given by the tribunal regarding the burning election conflict in PK-90 upper Chitral. We also thank the honourable judges for being immensely calm for a very sensitive issue during the hearing process.
    The people of Chitral absolutely do not appreciate the baseless allegation against the honourable tribunal members by the opponent candidate during the proceeding period; it should be waited for until the final decision. It is a basic and fundamental civil right of every individual in a democratic society to raise their voice against lawlessness, injustice and other issues. However, there are certain rules and regulations that you have to follow. On the other hand, we pay tribute to and offer our deep gratitude and congratulation to Mr. Sardar Hussain for his strong arguments, patient and political vision to challenge the engineered result by the negative elements.
    This is his strong understanding of political behaviour and profound awareness of law that he conquered over the rest. Now it is no more an allegation but rather has been proved by the court that there had been rigging in different polling stations during the general election (May 11 2013) through black money, hidden doors or by other sources and negative elements. It is very disgusting to think about such actors who snatched away the public’s right to vote and make decisions against their wishes. Not only this kind of act is taking away from their personal opinion but rather breaking a law that should be followed very carefully when it comes to elections, which are made for the betterment of the society. Mr. Hussain adopted a civilized and democratic way to express their anger against this engineered results by challenging the judiciary.
    Now we are going to request to all our fellow Chitralian to keep in mind the leadership prospective and not the money and contractor prospective. Now, the public is allowed to vote again in the coming days, we must remember to make a clear distance between a contractor mafia and a professional politician otherwise we will suffer again and there will be a big vacuum in Chitrali politics forever. We need young, energetic, educated and patriotic leader in the Assembly that will first fight for the Development of Chitral with a bright future ahead. It is the responsibility of the candidates to tell the public about their priorities during the upcoming election campaign. We expect the former MPA to tell the public what he did for the enlistment of Chitrali masses during his five and half year tenure while he was in the government.
    In contrast, Mr. Hussain has to show his future plan for the people of Chitral. We urge and request the people in every constituency to ask questions in regards to the development of Chitral and also evaluate his performance when he had the power. I remember between Reshun and nearby villages a road was destroyed due to flood after many months the people of the area kept waiting for their representatives to help them but in vain. Finally, the people of the area volunteered and helped themselves to restore the traffic for their daily life. Further, the people of the area suggested to rename the road in the name of the ex-MPA and reasoning it morally defeated.
    For now this is the right time for the people of Reshun to ask him and reject him due to his poor abilities and bad performance while he was the member of parliament .This is just one example and there are thousands of cases that are out there in Chitral for his negligence and poor performance for the people of Chitral. The ongoing corruption in different departments and areas of Chitral which effects lower class citizens, is no longer hidden, specially the situation of different roads are eyewitness of the representative who was in power than.
    Can our previous representative tell the Chitrali public how much money was being spend on Chitral, Mastuj road?, and why it has not been complicate yet?. We would like to know that where has the money gone? The same situation in different institutions that had been approved by the government in the past but they are not completed yet or the plan has been abolished completely due to his negligence. The Chitrali people want to know about this horrible and unacceptable situation, before they go to the polling station again in a couple of days. Finally we are humbly requesting the people of Chitral specially for those constituencies where polling will be held, use your civil and precious right for the honest, educated, young and energetic candidates regardless of their political affiliation. You can bring prosperity in our area through a suitable candidate and you can make worse decision by voting for a person who is uneducated and has poor political vision, who also has no goals and ambitions for the people of Chitral.
    Gul Jee

  6. Sardar Hussain is a black mailer and is on the payroll of contractors and Ghulam Muhammad himself is a contractor and member of the contractors mafia and had become MPA using money earned from corruption. These are the jest of some comments I have gone through in Chitral Today since the election drama started. My question is very simple. Is there anyone who is as innocent as a new-born child. Why not the people of Chitral agree to bring on rotation Imams of Mosques and Mukhis of Jamat Khanas as there MPAs and MNAs. Can you give me a guarantee that Imams and Mukhis will give a corruption free government? If the answer is in the negative, do not pour mud on respectable and honest people like GM, SH, Iftikhar, Mohiuddin,Abdul Akbar, Saleem Khan and other politicians because they are your representatives and all allegations against them are false. If they have done corruption and looted your nations’ money, Allah will ask them on the day of judgment, not you.

    1. Yes Mr Javed Karim sahab that is the real point which every civilized citizen would like to say or hear about the respectable personalities. That is not fair that first we elect these people by ourselves then start blaming them without thinking of the consequences. We should have respect in our heart for every person who is representing Chitral regardless of race, sect and gender.
      Fida Khan

  7. This was not a very good decision by the tribunal to conduct re-elections in only seven polling stations.. If there has been discrepancy during the elections than that must have been in more than seven polling stations.. There should have been reelection in all the polling stations..
    It is true that the ball in the peoples courts and both these politicians Sardar Hussain and GM should be ousted in the best interest of Upper Chitral…

  8. Dear.Sarfaraz ya its a real test time for Sardar Hussain because Ghulam Muhammad is already leading in the said poling stations with 157 votes and now with the orders of re-elections he would emerge victorious even with more votes and we will win again.Inshallah

  9. This is a real test for Sardar Hussain and the time has come to oust GM from political landscape of Chitral once forever. It is now or never Mr Sardar Hussain, so do not take it so lightly as your rival is said to have made his plan to rig the polls once again. There is no doubt that he will use his black money as much as he can. But my advise to him is that he must not waste his money as the people of Chitral are wise enough to understand his motives as his sole purpose is the whiten the black money which he had been acquiring through corruption. His fellow MNA Shahazada Iftikharuddin is also trying to elect his brother in profession in order to pave the way for smuggling corrupt money as much as they can. It is a challenge and the people of Chitral must expose these mafias.

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