Youth's role for durable peace discussed


CHITRAL, Dec 15: In a seminar on ‘the role of youth in durable peace’, speakers stressed social equality for the youth with a system essentially based on merit and ability to guarantee peace and tranquility in the future. Held under the aegis of Human Rights Programme Chitral (HRPC), the seminar was attended by representatives of different youth organizations who discussed the different aspects of the issues related to the segment of the society. The chairman of HRPC, Niaz Ahmed Niazi advocate, president of district bar association Alamzeb Khan advocate, public prosecutor Ayaz Zareen, faculty member of local college Shah Fahad and others discussed the issues and their solutions confronted to the youth in Chitral. They were in  unison in their views to the fact that the youth should not be subjected to any kind of injustice and lack of opportunity which feeds discontent in him which leads to unrest and disharmony in the society.–Zahiruddin]]>

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