Reconstruction of bridge in Torkhow valley left incomplete


CHITRAL, Dec 15: The reconstruction of the jeep-able bridge connecting two far-off valleys of upper Chitral in the Torkhow valley has been left midway by the contractor creating lots of hardship for the residents, local people told ChitarlToday here. bridgeThey said the bridge at Sorwaht was damaged during the floods in the summer and a few months back its reconstruction was contracted out to a private contractor. The contractor started work on the reconstruction of the bridge but without completing the work all of a sudden disappeared from the site, leaving the commuters high and dry. The local people said that most of the traffic to and from the Terich union council used this bridge as a short-cut. Besides, this bridge was also the shortest connecting point to the valleys of Tercih and Torkhow. However, due to the closure of the bridge, the people of the area have to take a long detour through the Nishko-Verkhop bridge. The residents of the area demanded that the authorities concerned should take notice of the delay in the reconstruction of the bridge and order action against the responsible persons.]]>

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