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We want our children to become good leaders, say parents

CHITRAL, Dec 14: A large number of parents gathered at the Aga Khan Higher Secondary School, Chitral, on the Parents’ Day held on December 14. parents In a unique dramatized note, Imtiaz Ali and Mushahid Hussain welcomed the parents on the occasion. Principal of AKHSS Zulfiqar Ali said that parents choose a school to admit their children for learning while considering the performance, infrastructure, faculty members and the board the school is affiliated with. Hence, this has been the priority of parents. This school provides a combination of variety of students from different language and cultural backgrounds with multiple skills, shows a blend of beautiful diversity. One of the aims of this event was to recognize and award to students’ for their performance in front of their parents. Two students from Grade-9 presented a token of deference to a mother and father on the upbringing of a child and tribulation they face. It was summed up in a Khowar poem “Ma Shirin Taat, Ma Shirin Naan”. On the ‘stature of parents’ a student of Grade-11 Waseen Afzal delivered a speech. “Parentage is the first institution of learning that nurtures and grooms to excel in the world and the developing gap between a child and parents is a matter of consideration to study the learning speed of a child and guide them how to lead life,” said Waseen Afzal. The position holders in AKU-EB examination, session 2012-13 of SSC and HSSC, were awarded with certificates and the high achievers in internal monthly and term exams were also awarded on the occasion. The subject teachers of chemistry, physics, Urdu and Islamiyat who have had the credit of maintaining good results in AKU-EB in their subjects were also conferred with recognition certificates. A segment of Khowar Mushaira was presented by Mr.Faraz Khan faculty Islamiyat, Bashart muluk and Abdullah students of Grade-12 and Sadiq ullah of Grade-8 to revere the mother and father. Abdullah and group of the students of Grade-8 presented a drama with a message of ‘unearth to polish the faculty of a child’ with the personification of great poet Galib. A category of best student, reader, writer, artist, calligrapher, organizer, Naatkhan, qari, actor, player, singer, speaker and best uniform wearer and the student with high attendance were also awarded with recognition certificates from school. Parents also spoke on the occasion and shared the positive aspect of the school and their concern about the learning of their children and challenges of the modern era. ‘Educational institution provides plateform where students had to excel. Teachers and parents are doing their level best it is now up to the students how they get benefit from it’. ‘The best student was Nelson Mandela who after 27 years of imprisonment changed the structure of South Africa’ said Zuhran Shah while speaking on the occasion. Izzat Wali Shah while sharing his experiences and feedbacks said that parents regularly to be intimated about the progress of children for better performance of students. ‘We have higher expectation from the school. ‘We want leaders’ and no longer wants doctors and engineers’ he said. While advising students’ Mr. I.W Shah said that you can’t procure honey to strike the house of honeybees’ by foot, learn first to respect and learn’.  ]]>

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