Opening of grand new Jamaat Khana marks Aga Khan’s birthday

ZAIT (Upper Chitral), Dec 13: The 77th birthday of His Highness Prince Karim Aga Kga was celebrated with the opening of a newly-constructed landmark Jamaat Khana at Charun-Oveer. A large number of people from the Ismaili community belonging to different villages attended the grand ceremony. Six ox and many goats were slaughtered on the occasion. Assistant Commissioner Abdul Ghafar and Fida Hussain inaugurated the Jamaat Khana after cutting a ribbon. This unique Jamaat Khana has been completed in five years and it was one of the big projects of the AKDN. The Jamaat Khana was opened after the approval of the Imam of the time, said Fida Hussain while speaking on the occasion. Sources said more than 100 million rupees were spent on this landmark place of worship and the community members worked day and night in its construction. Muqarab Khan, Sher Hawaldar and Zaramad Shah of the village donated their land for the building of the Jamaat Khana. Abul Ghafar, Rai Fida Hussain, Mir Afzal and Sir Syed spoke on the occasion. Zulfiqar Ali Zulfi talked about the economic and social impact of this grand piece of architect. In the end, Rahim Baig thanked all the guests, sister community organization and the donors, including Gul Jee (Canada), Nizar Ahmad (Karachi) and Qurban Khan (Karachi).]]>

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  1. I want to mention just one thing that its Zar Aman Shah not Zaramad Shah. Such occasions are the extraordinary movement of life that will/can be seen only twice or thrice in the entire life. We the Jamaat(people) of Charun-Owir have to be glad that we participated in the construction of the Jamaat Khana more than our capability. It was all about our trust, sincerity and faith.

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