Chitrali social media users divided over renaming Lowari Tunnel


CHITRAL, Dec 10: Though former president Pervez Musharraf is very popular in Chitral for the construction of the Lowari tunnel, those using the social media seemed divided when asked if they would like to name the Lowari Tunnel as Musharraf Tunnel. musharafChitralToday carried out a survey on its Facebook page (www.facebook/ChitralToday) asking its visitors “Would you like to rename the Lowari Tunnel as Musharraf Tunnel? Answer in ‘Yes’ or ‘No’” About 156 Facebook users took part in the survey and 40 of them directly said ‘Yes’ and 30 stated ‘No.’ Others left comments and gave different views some of which are reproduced below: Dr Tariqullah Khan: “I sincerely and without any prejudice suggest to rename it as “Attalique Jaafar Ali Shah Tunnel”, a son of Chitral who gave the idea, got it approved by the NA and got it started in 1974!!! Ghulam Anbia: “If naming it after a person is required,Ataliq Sb merits best,otherwise it should be as it has been”Lawray Tunnel”and not Lawari Tunnel.” Ejaz Gadoon: “Its was the project of Zulfiqar Ali Bhuttoo.” Javed Mushtaq: “Why it should be named after someone???? Why don’t they call it “Chitral Gate”. Zakaria Ayobi: “No …… Musharaf has a big contribution regard the project but many more people also there who work a lot for the completion of the project. So we can not put the whole credit to one person.” Manzoor Ali Shah: “And if it’s Gonaa completed in PTI govt. then it must be name as Khan’s tunnel” Fawad Alam Pmln Kpk: “Musharaf itna serious hote to 9 sal ki hokomat me lawari tunnel ko mukamal krte , ye sub drama kr rehe he inshaalah Nawaz sharif hokomat me ye kohat tunnel ki tarah blake top ho ga.” Wasigh Ali: “hey then what should we name it? Nawaz sharif tunnel.? About lawari tunnel who once said” chohon k lie bil bna raha ha”…man is known more by his tongue than deeds..for chitralis never compare PARVEEZ MUSHARAF with nawaz sharif.” Nizam Uddin: “ONE SITE FOR BHUTTO AND SEND SITE FOR MUSHARAFF.” Jan Sajid: “Is it not better to keep the name Lawari tunnel with a dedication to those who lost their lives travelling through Lawari gratifying who put tireless efforts idealizing, planning and executing the project including the labour force.” Arshad Durrani: “Did musharaf and others who have public projects in their name pay from their pockets?these cheap stunts must stop.” Aziz Baig: “No never, we can say Bhutto Tunnel,,,,rather “Bab-e-Chitral” instead of this dictator and traitor, we will name him as a father of terrorism.” Niaz Ali Roomi: “Shakespeare has rightly said that “whats in the name? When you call a rose by any name, its fragrance remains the same”. So whatever name is given to the lawari tunnel, we can’t deny the fact that ZAB has started the work on TUNNEL initially and Pervaiz Musharaf has finished it. Obviously no one pay for development projects from their pockets but invests from govt exchequer. So did rightly by P.M. also. The fact that it is a miracle for all of us and we should not forget our past when hundreds of lives have been lost in this dangerous man eater mountain. Salute you ZAB and Pervaiz Musharaf for giving us a beautiful gift. We will never forget till last.” Azhar Ali Azhar: “I dont agree with it. no need to change the name. the only fact is that it was the legal right of Chitralis , what i want to say is that there must not be addition with the Tunnel,s name..Muhsaraf and PPPs Lover Dont be Self-congratulatory to get credit .. but appriciate both… great job done by them.”]]>

  1. Kashi, Islamabad says

    Dear sir, this is my suggestion to the government to change the name of Loweri tunnel as Musharraf Tunnel because as Chitralis we never forget his services for our area. We want that our next generation should remember his services too. I am 100% sure that all Chitrali brothers and sisters will agree with my suggestion and I request all Chitralis to also please share your opinion and suggestion on this matter.
    Kashi, Islamabad

  2. Sher Alam Khan says

    Yes, of course, A number of local, provincial and national level leaders are involved in the process of “Rawlaiy Tunnel” from visioning (dreaming) to its practical way outs. It is also fact that the practical shape and workable strategies were thought and given by Musharraf Sahab. It might be injustice to ignore his efforts for the development of Chitral specifically his stress on the Tunnel activities.

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