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Late Khaki praised as a bridge between old and new Khowar artists

CHITRAL, Dec 1: Speakers at a condolence meeting here on Sunday paid tributes to poet and singer Gul Nawaz Khaki for his services to the Khowar language and literature.
ref2Held under the aegis of Anjuman Taraqqi-e-Khowar Chitral, the meeting was addressed by Dr. Inayatullah Faizi, Amir Khan Mir, Maula Nigah, Maulana Naqeebullah Razi, Maghfirat Shah, Ghulam Muhammad, Nawab Khan, Yousuf Shahzad and others.
The speakers said Khaki was a trendsetter in Khowar literature and being a prolific writer he added 11 books to the treasure of the language and preserved the local culture in printed form as well. They said Gul Nawaz Khaki was a symbol of Chitrali culture and greatly contributed to the performing arts and it was he who made the Khowar programme a success when it was started from Radio Pakistan Peshawar in 1965.
When the first ever monthly journal in Khowar language was started by the press information department in late 1960s, it was edited by Mr. Khaki, they said. It contributed to the advancement of the Khowar language and literature.
Both as a writer and poet, he had a particular style which no one can emulate and he left a deep imprint on the topic he chose to write about and there was hardly anything which evaded his attention. “He was a bridge between the old and new generation of writers, poets and artists as he possessed the characteristics of both and it was he who fused the two into unity without harming the one”.
As consummate singer and performer, Khaki sang hundreds of folk songs for Radio Pakistan which were otherwise likely to be obliterated with the passage of time, said the speakers.–Zahiruddin (photos by S. Nazir Hussain).



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