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JUI warns rumour-mongers for panicking Drosh residents

DROSH, Nov 24: Jamiat Ulema Islam (JUI) Chitral here on Sunday described the recent holding of a peace meeting in the Drosh town as a tool of propaganda by some elements and warned that such tactics would be counterproductive as far as peace of the area was concerned. At a meeting held in Jamia Qasimul Uloom in Drosh with JUI local chief Maulana Inamul Haq in the chair, ulema, imams of mosques and a large number of workers and members of the JUI said the resolution by the participants of the meeting at the rest house held was bogus. The JUI meeting said due to the efforts of Ulema, religious leaders, Madaris and security agencies and above all with the blessing of Allah Almighty peace always prevailed in Chitral. In maintenance of peace in Chitral, religious leaders and Ulema have always worked as a catalyst. However, some people had been trying to create a gulf among the security agencies, Ulema and religious personalities besides panicking the residents of Drosh in order to achieve their own political interests, they added. The participants of the meeting said that neither anyone in Chitral could ever think of becoming a suicide bomber nor there was such an issue in Drosh or in any other part of the district. Therefore, the meeting warned, the people of the area should not be blackmailed for personal objectives. The participants added that if the self-proclaimed chairman of the so-called peace committee, Taufiq Jan, had any information about the existence of any suicide jacket etc., he should give the information to the security agencies instead of holding a public meeting and create panic among the peaceful citizens. The meeting said even most of the people who were present in the meeting at the rest house have expressed ignorance about the resolution passed by the so-called peace committee, so it should be taken as a non-serious step aimed at creating propaganda in the area. The JUI in its meeting expressed full confidence in the working of the Drosh police and the administration and repeated its earlier demands that the government should resolve the public issues like shortage of firewood, provision of wheat to the Drosh godown, water supply and opening of the Lowari tunnel during the closure of the Lowari top road in the winter.]]>

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