Subedar Shazda Jan passes away


CHITRAL, Nov 20: Haji Subedar Shazda Jan, known as Kot Subadar of Kuju, passed away in his village on 20th Nov 2013.

Subedar Jan was one of the few remaining elders who had served in former Chitral State’s Bodyguard Force. Subedar Jan was one of the most influential persons in Chitral during 1949-1954 under Mehtar Saifur Rehman’s reign who was fostered by his tribe. Because of this relationship, Subedar Jan was made ADC (Aide de Camp) to the Mehtar.

He was with the Mehtar in Abbottabad, Lahore and Peshawar during the times when Mehtar was asked by the government of Pakistan to live outside the state for some people had become active as Chitral United Muslim League (Pakhti Lek as it was then called).

Subedar was one of the people who actively suppressed anti-monarchy movements in Chitral. He was one of the few advisers who asked Mehtar Saifur Rehman to transform Chitral from traditional monarchy into a constitutional monarchy and give up executive powers.

The Mehtar agreed on it and first constitutional order of Chitral was issued in 1953. The most trusted Subedar also participated in different military campaigns. When some relatives of the Mehtar tried to initiate movements aimed at changing the monarch, Subedar was among the people who decided to arrest them without giving any favor. Subedar also managed to calm down the famous Dashman Duhu campaign and even Molana Noor Shahideen of Muslim League made peace with Mehtar after 1953.

Subedar Jan shifted to Drosh in 1960s and stayed with Shahzada Mohiuddin. Last year, because of old age and weaknesses, he decided to return to his native village and stayed with his family. This morning, we heard the sad news that this historical man passed away. After funeral prayers, he was laid to rest in Kuju. May his soul rest in eternal peace.–Shahzada Idrees Hayat

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  1. Farooq says

    May his soul rest in peace. Allah unko Janna Naseeb farmay, Ameen

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