PPP should join KPK govt, says activist

DROSH, Nov 20: A local leader of the PPP labour wing here on Wednesday said that the provincial leadership of the party should accept the invitation of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) to join the KPK government. sherIn a press statement, Sher Jawan Khan said the PPP should join the provincial government and include Saleem Khan in the cabinet so that he can once again serve the poor people of Chitral. Mr Jawan added that during his tenure as the KPK minister for population welfare, Saleem Khan provided employments to hundreds of poor people in Chitral. He said that Saleem Khan was a visionary and dedicated leader and it was his sincere services that the people of lower Chitral once again voted him in the May 11 elections. Mr Jawan also said that at the national and provincial levels, Rehman Malik, Arbab Jehangir and his wife Asma Jehangir were the benefactors of the people of Chitral. He also said that under the leadership of Saleem Khan, the PPP had become a strong force in Chitral.—Jehan Zeb]]>

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