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MPA’s plea against formation of commission rejected

PESHAWAR, Nov 19: The election tribunal here on Tuesday rejected MPA Ghulam Muhammad’s objection against the formation of the two-member commission to recount the rejected and postal ballot papers in PK-90 upper Chitral. The tribunal had formed the commission after Sardar Hussain, the PPP candidate and the runner-up in the May 11 election, alleged that his votes were given to his namesake Syed Sardar Hussain Shah. The commission recounted the votes and submitted its report to the tribunal in the first week of October giving one-vote lead to the PPP candidate. On Tuesday, Ghulam Muhammad did not appear before the tribunal which in the presence of his lawyers rejected his application. A source who was present during the hearing of the matter told ChitralToday that the tribunal put off further hearing of the matter to November 27 when the lawyers from the two sides will argue on the report of the commission.]]>

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  1. Meraj Chitrali says

    Insha Allah Saradar Hussain will be declared as the winner on 27 November.

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