Belated move: Chitralis demand probe against ex-minister for firing at markhor

CHITRAL, Nov 15: People who witnessed former KPK minister for environment Haji Ibrar Hussain opening fire on a markhor at Chitral’s Toshi conservatory a few months back remained silent till the minister was removed on Wednesday. [caption id="attachment_14029" align="alignright" width="392"]File photo File photo of a trophy hunter.[/caption] And now they have demanded of the chief minister Parvez Khattak to conduct an inquiry against the former minister. Some people here also alleged that after the minister who was supposed to protect the species fired and injured the markhor just for fun, some other emboldened people hunted a markhor illegally and remained untouched even after the Peshawar High Court took suo motu notice of the incident. Although local police arrested two persons from Seenlasht for poaching the markhors social circles expressed the fear that in that poaching too Ibrar Hussain might have been involved. When this scribe inquired from the divisional forest officer Chitral (DFO) for wildlife Imtiaz Hussain, he confirmed that during his visit to Chitral the former provincial minister for environment, wildlife and forest Haji Ibrar Hussain stayed for some moments at Toshi area where markhor came down from mountains for drinking water. He said Haji Ibrar Hussain opened fire on a markhor but missed it. He denied the allegations that any markhor was killed. ”Provincial Minister Ibrar Hussain opened only aerial firing to see if the markhoer could become jittery or not. He never aimed at the markhor.” A local government official on the condition of anonymity revealed that the former minister snatched a gun (klashankov) from a police constable who was on his security duty and opened fire at the markhor. But at that time he was not looking normal and looked to be under the influence of some tranquiller or alcohol. It may be mentioned that no case was registered against the then minister for opening aerial firing in the presence of two a dozen of people, he added. Haji Muhammad Shifa of Drosh while talking to this scribe expressed surprise that being a minister how he could snatch a rifle from a police constable on duty and how can he open fire on a markhor worth 10 million rupees as a hunting trophy. He said police were arresting poor people after even recovering petty things but kept silent while the minister committed such a crime.]]>

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  1. In case two crimes have been committed. One by the Minister, and the other by the local civil society and press. I mean by ignoring the crime. However, it is never too late. The civil society and the press should take up the matter more seriously.

  2. This minister badly needs to be brought to books, along with the black sheep in wild life department who facilitated the illegal firing/hunt. The incident speaks volume about the incompetence of our local law enforcement agencies. All shames upon them!!

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