Over 2.3 tons explosives missing from Golen Gol

By Ansar Abbasi    (The News) ISLAMABAD, Nov 13: In what could be extremely horrifying for the already terrorism-stricken people of Pakistan, over 2.3 tons of high quality explosives is feared to be missing from the site of Golen Gol Hydropower Project in Chitral, it has been learnt. golenWapda’s consultant on this particular project, Chris Ashdown, when approached on Tuesday evening confirmed to this reporter by saying: “Possibly it is missing.” He said he had already reported the matter to his employer, Wapda, which is now investigating the issue. Ashdown explained that the explosive was in the possession of contractor. There is no explanation available as yet as to where this huge quantity of high quality explosives has gone. General Manager, North Wapda, Rashid Khan, who is also the Project Director of Golen Gol, said following the consultant’s report, a joint committee of experts had been constituted. He said the matter would be referred to the police only if the committee verified the report. This horrifying information has come into notice following an inspection of explosive magazine at site.This reporter has Chris Ashdown’s Nov 2, 2013 letter, which is addressed to Lee You Seung, Project Management SAMBU SARCO JV, Chitral, and reveals the scandalous missing of almost 2,333 kilograms of high quality explosive from Chitral site of the project. A copy of the letter has been sent to General Manager Wapda Peshawar, who is also Project Director Wapda. The operative part of the letter reads as: “We refer to the joint inspection of the Explosive magazine yesterday, 1st November 2013 requested by the Employer (Wapda) to establish the physical status of explosives and detonators. “We herewith confirm that the joint inspection was carried out and the final count passed to you the same day on the understanding that your monthly reconciliation up to the end of 31st October 2013 and the detailed daily report, required under the contract, would be submitted by 10.00 am on 2nd November, 2013 to allow assessment of quantities. “We record that at 5.00pm on 2nd November 2013 these records have still not been submitted.“We further confirm that this joint record was signed by the engineer and consultant on the morning of 2nd November 2013. “From assessment of your last submitted monthly summary, ending of 9.00am on 29th October 2013, a balance of 9,733.04 kg of high explosives was recorded in the magazine. The joint inspection on 1st November 2013 recorded a balance of 7,420.50 kg. Even deducting the usage for the interim 3 days, this would indicate a shortfall in recorded and actual explosives in the magazine.“You are again instructed to submit the full and detailed records of all explosives as required under the contract, with immediate effect.” Earlier explosives were also stolen from the site. Read at this link: https://www.chitraltoday.net/2013/01/06/explosives-stolen-from-sambu-office-recovered-five-held/