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Koghuzi: ecosystem awareness session held for students

CHITRAL, Nov 13: The Ideal Public School & College, Koghuzi, held an awareness programme on environmental protection and ecosystems. koghuzi copyWith the collaboration of Snow Leopard Foundation Chitral, the awareness session was attended by students of the institute and staff members. School students, both boys and girls, took part in different activities with great zeal. Quiz competition won by class-6th and class 5th stood second while in poem competition 9th class remained successful, says a press release. Speaking on the occasion Attiruq Rehman, principal of the institute, thanked SLF Chitral for their support in undertaking awareness and education about ecosystems. He urged the students to take active part in different activities related to environmental protection and controlling disturbance in ecosystems. He said that the Nature Club formed in this institute will be further strengthened. Senior officer of SLF Chitral talked about the activities of his organizations in the district. He emphasized on the active participation of students in Nature Clubs.]]>

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