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Chitral's problems to be resolved on priority basis, says CM

PESHAWAR, Nov 12: A delegation of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chitral called on KPK Chief Minister Pervez Khattak in Peshawar on Tuesday and briefed him about some of the issues the people of Chitral have been facing. cmThe delegation included women reserved seat MPA Fozia Bibi, PTI leaders Haji Sultan Muhammad, Sajjad Ahmed, Rehmat Ghazi, Razitu Billah, Wazir Dada and Pir Karam Elahi. The chief minister on the occasion telephoned the authorities concerned and directed them that with the closure of the Lowari top road the under-construction tunnel should be opened for traffic for three hours at least three days a week. He also telephoned the food minister and asked him to overcome the shortage of wheat in Chitral on a priority basis. Mr Khattak also phoned health minister Shaukat Yousufzai to immediately upgrade the tehsil headquarters hospital Drosh to the ‘C’ category hospital. The education minister was directed to upgrade the middle school Drosh to the high level. The chief minister also assured the delegation that very soon the elements who committed massive corruption in the construction of the Torkhow, Mastuj and Shandur roads would be exposed and the public money would be recovered from them. Besides, he added that the Drosh-Chitral and Garam Chashma roads would be repaired when the weather condition in the valley improves. The chief minister also said that in collaboration with the SRSP the electricity crisis in the Chitral town would also be resolved.]]>

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  1. Hameed Khan Sangal says

    @ Mr Wali we should not get personal while commenting on issue. Please discuss the above topic and do not discuss individuals. You should be thankful to Mr Ghazi that he is doing a great job for our area despite losing the elections. We should, on the other hand, be capitalizing on his experience and his connections which he had made during his service over the years. He was known as a competent officer while in service and is capable to represent Chitral in such forums.

  2. Afrasiyab Khan says

    PTI leaders are doing great job in bringing issues up with the government despite the fact that PTI lost all the seats in Chitral.. I personally think it is our misfortune that our current MNA and the two MPAs are both nowhere to be seen these days .. the two are in hibernation and one is entangled in court cases.. Had PTI won one or two seats we could have achieved many things for Chitral.
    @ Wali sb, had the former secretary in discussion won he would have been a minister for sure..It was Chitrals’ bad luck he lost.. The PTI Chitral needs people like him who have achievements to his credit and done a lot for Chitralis while in service…. He is known as a man with big heart…

  3. Wali says

    Look, who is talking about corruption? Every one knows the retired bureaucrat’s reality. Please go and confined yourself to your home as the representatives are there to tackle the problems.

  4. Nadir Khan, Karachi says

    From the story and the photograph of the Chitrali PTI leaders meeting their own chief minister, I drew two conclusions: The body language of the PTI walas shows they are scared of the man in front of them, and the news content indicates the emphasize of their demands was Drosh. Is it Drosh PTI or Chitral PTI?

  5. Arshad Durrani says

    Chitral is an island of peace in KPK. Its development must be undertaken at a fast pace. Lowari tunnel should be taken up as a national project. Chitral needs to improve its internal road network and have more girls middle and high schools to enhance their literacy rate to No.1 in KPK. With a peace-loving population, Chitral has the potential of emerging as a model district in the entire country.

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