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Traffic restored on Lowari Pass

DROSH, Nov 9: A large number of vehicles stranded in Dir side due to the closure of the Lowari pass on November 5 reached here on Saturday afternoon after the pass was cleared of snow at about 4pm, a police official at the Drosh police station told ChitralToday. Similarly, passengers stranded in Chitral side also moved towards their destinations in different parts of the country. Passengers reaching here said that the road on the Lowari top was slippery and muddy and there was still quite deep snow. However, they expressed the satisfaction that the authorities concerned had worked hard to remove the snow and restore the traffic on a priority basis. The passengers said that one snow removing machine was at work in Chitral side and two in Dir sides. –Jehan Zeb Khan]]>

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  1. Afrasiyab Khan says

    Our MNA and MPA from Upper Chitral were siting in their leader’s lap in Chak Shahzad while poor people were suffering at Lowari. We were expecting much from the young MNA as he is well educated and has skills to communicate but there is no difference between him and others… I would request him to resign and leave the seat to Musharaf since he is out of prison now.. Musharaf deserves that seat and will have some say in the matters and will have some impact in Islamabad.

  2. Nadir Khan, Karachi says

    Wah Wah, Mr M. Wali. sitting in Mastuj it seems you are confined to your house due to the cold weather. All around people are surprised that why our MNA and MPA are so callous towards the suffering of the Chitralis when even PTI’s woman leader Shireen Mazari and Sherpao from Peshawar expressed their concerns over the plight of Chitralis. But here are our MNA and MPA who are hiding in Islamabad and are not even ready to say some soothing words for our sufferings. I think you are the only person on the surface of the earth who is so happy with the working of these two politicians. Buttering will not work, my friend.

  3. M. Wali, Mastuj says

    People here have taken a sigh of relief after the Lowari top road was opened. I personally believe that the government opened the road by removing the snow after coming under pressure from our honourable MNA and MPA from upper Chitral who are these days in Islamabad and day and night contacted the high ups including prime minister sahib. This is called the leadership and if our leaders continue working and pursuing our issues with such zeal and sincerity there is no way we will be suffering from any issue. Our MPA from lower Chitral held a press conference and issued a hollow warning to get publicity but our MNA and MPA from upper Chitral remained in Islamabad and without telling anyone continued pressuring the government and at last got the road cleared within two days. Hat off to MNA and MPA sahiban, keep on your national work.

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