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Protesters seek action against corrupt depts

BOONI, Nov 8: In a protest demonstration in Booni, the speakers lashed out at the government’s inability to check rampant corruption in its departments and provide relief to the citizens. The protest was organized by the Tanzeem Haqooq-e-Awam against corrupt mafia especially in the C&W, irrigation and the public health departments, say they were only plundering national resources and doing nothing for the benefits of the people. They said that there was no one to keep tabs on the corrupt elements. The performance of these departments has been pathetic but the government is not taking any interest to correct them. One of the speakers, Pervez Ahmed Lal, said that over two years back 370 million rupees had been approved for the reconstruction of the Booni-Tprkhow road and work was also started at the site but so far the project has not been completed. There are also other examples where corrupt elements pocketed the funds and left the public welfare projects incomplete, he said. The protesters demanded that the government should hold an inquiry into different projects and bring those who committed corruption to justice.]]>

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  1. Afrasiyab Khan says

    @ Wali, I think we do not need to go to court to prove all this …the above matter of Booni -Torkhow and Mastuj roads are already in courts and all the public in Chitral are well aware of the people who were involved in corruption…. The misfortune in our area is that we know the culprits and we keep on defending them.. We as civil society have to bring these issues up and I fully agree with the protesters… Some one has to fix the responsibility of the amount of money that has vanished without accomplishing anything..

  2. Afrasiyab Khan says

    The same people have voted the corrupt leaders into power who were involved in these corrupt activities … so wait for another five years..

    1. Wali says

      Mr. Afrasiyab Khan: If you consider the elected leaders corrupt then go to court and prove your words. But I know people like you only confined at home and criticize others. You people cannot digest others’ success.

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