Closure of Lowari Tunnel unacceptable, says Shireen Mazari

ISLAMABAD, Nov 8: The Central Secretary Information of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Shireen Mazari, on Friday expressed grave concern over the plight of the people of Chitral who are stranded on both sides of the under-construction Lowari Tunnel after the closure of the Lowari Pass road due to snowfall on November 5. mazariIn a press statement, she said that on the acute humanitarian ground, the tunnel should immediately be opened for at least four hours daily to allow people to get to hospitals and to acquire other emergency necessities and return home before the onset of severe winter snow. “We also demand the early completion of the work on the Lowari Tunnel which the previous government stopped for three years and led to escalating costs and further delays.” Ms Mazari said it is unacceptable to punish the local people for these errors of governments and we demand an immediate end to the plight of the people stranded on either side of the Lowari Tunnel.]]>

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