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PPP Chitral women wing president joins PTI

ISLAMABAD, Nov 6: With a huge smile on her face, wrapped in a clourful attire, shining hopeful eyes, sitting in front of the man – Imran Khan – bound to be the torchbearer of change, is none other than Falak Naz – PPP Chitral women wing president.   PTI chitral copyFalak Naz, an old party guard who had immense contribution in strengthening the PPP in the district, finally called it a day after her long sojourn with the party along with other old comrades and announced to join PTI here on Wednesday. Sources said that former Chitral tehsil nazim Sartaj Ahmed of the PPP was also present in the meeting but he did not announce his decision to switch the party. The sources said he was planning to hold a press conference and announce to join the PTI in a few days. Falak Naz along with general secretary Amina Bibi and scores of other office-bearers formally announced to join the bandwagon of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) in a meeting with Imran Khan at his Bani Gala residence on Wednesday morning. Imran welcomed the new entrants and said his party is striving hard for a healthy change by revamping the centuries old corrupt system which has eroded the sanctity of the institutions, putting it back on the right track. He reiterated that his party would make Pakistan an ideal state, breaking the begging bowl once for all, turning Pakistan into a corruption free and tolerant society as envisioned by Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Allama Iqbal. The PTI chairman stressed the need to promote tourism industry of Chitral and Gilgit, adding the uplift of this beautiful valley – rich in mineral resources – will usher in a new era of development, if little attention is paid to tap the hidden resources. The new entrants headed by Falak Naz expressed full confidence in the sincere leadership of Imran Khan and assured their full support to stand shoulder-to-shoulder by the party in its struggle for change and elimination of decade-old corrupt mafias. Watch video of this meeting at this link:]]>

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  1. Aleina Ali Shah says

    Well, changing political parties isn’t a big deal! The main thing is to be with the right leadership and do the right thing!
    And, well IK isn’t the superior authority, he is working under PML-N so it will take some time for the real change to show up! Still proud of you!

  2. Imran says

    Chitrali Studentan tay kandori ziyad Masayil sheni safansar awala Intermediate wa FA,FSc wa BA,BSc o Studentan safan BISEP o so diti astani achi ispa chitralo studentan University Of Malakand o so prani ispa kia alowa har jagha ispa so tan mazaq boi ispa chitralo het kia student nowa,hansey 2 saalo tay hai ispa Malakand universityar nezi angiti Sheringal SB Universityo so prani hansey Chitrali student saf ki phik tan hal honi ispa heghar di nezi wa khor nogh University Dira sawzey ateso chitrali collegean ateso doni,Chitrala tan alahida Board bik wa tan Chitral University bik kia ispa Haq nowa kalapat ispa Dir /walan achto chakosi ispa Chitralo FA,FSc wa BA,BSc levela 18,000/- students asuni wa Collegean taadaat 46 sheni sarkari wa private safan ito diti. Ispa Chitral Universityo Haqdar wa Chitralo Literacy rate 93.6 % Chitralo Muqabila khor Districtan hani literacy rate neki.wa Chitralo muqabila Dira 15 ya 16 college sheni wa studentan di taadaat bo kam sher.Dirochiyan tay 2 University sawzetani Chitral KPK o hani lot District ispa tey 1 university di no.wa Abdul wali khan universityo wa sheringal universityo campusan chitral angiti ispa chaleynian seq chalero ghon,,,wa hey campusen makhsoos subjectan chichenian heyghar elawa wa Saf Chitrali Studentan muttahid biti Chitral Universityo bachay koshish korelik……very thants for all participants

  3. Fazal Khan says

    Even heavyweight leaders change loyalties as time and situation changes. These politicians go around like birds in search of feeds. So Falak Naz’s departure from the PPP and arrival in the PTI will make no change in either party. The thing to be seen is how she can cash in on her decision to join the PTI. Anyway, we should expect good luck for her especially because she is a woman and belongs to Chitral where conservatism still rules the roots.

  4. Zahra, Mardan says

    Zulfiqar bayi jan, very beautiful write-up. Ispa dua haya sher ta zor-e-qalam mazeed strong bar. Superb job indeed and keep it up.

  5. Majeed says

    Bo sahi wa bar waqt faisala kori asur haya xur. Five years PPP hakumat kiagh prai tan workerante. Prushti taan PTI join kardua hamuni MPA beser Falak Naz kai.

  6. Munir Hussyn says

    PTI’s change could not be seen yet and someone rightly said that this party has even failed to change Peshawar and talking about whole KPK. This is quite tricky. The PTI led by Imran Khan has also failed in front of TTP and has no guts like former information minister Iftikhar Hussain, who lost his only son, and the brave Bilours, to fight the terror elements.

  7. Maryam Tariq Shah says

    Falak Naz is my mother and I’m proud of her.

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