Chitralis still deprived of clean drinking water

CHITRAL, Nov 6: People of Chitral are deprived of clean drinking water despite abundance of springs in the valley as water supply lines have not been laid in most of the areas. waterThe people of several areas of Chitral are forced to drink polluted water or fetch water from far-flung areas despite availability of dozens of natural springs across the district. Most of the population has no water supply system and they collect water directly from springs in nearby localities while some people having resources have laid personal supply lines from spring to their homes. But mainly the population is poor and they are not in a position to lay water supply lines at their own. Though during Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) government, project of laying 26.5km pipelines for supplying cleaning drinking water was started but despite passage of years it has not been completed due to negligence of authorities concerned and contractor. The local population has demanded the provincial government and district administration for completing the water supply project as soon as possible and starting new water supply schemes to lessen their troubles.–Lahore Times  ]]>

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